Quake damage in agriculture hits 24 bln liras

Quake damage in agriculture hits 24 bln liras

Meltem Güneş - ANKARA
Quake damage in agriculture hits 24 bln liras

The deadly earthquakes that hit Türkiye’s south on Feb. 6 also had a significant impact on agriculture, amounting to a total financial loss of 24 billion Turkish Liras ($1.3 billion), according to a report by the Presidential Strategy and Budget Directorate.

The report states that the share of agriculture in the economy of the earthquake-affected provinces is above the national average. It was noted that the region has an important place in the country’s agriculture in terms of apricot, almond, pomegranate and olive production, while 13 percent of cattle and 17.8 percent of sheep and goats were bred in the earthquake zone.

It was also noted that about 12 percent of aquaculture is carried out in this region.

The report recalled that damage assessment studies on livestock assets are ongoing and said that 8,241 cattle, 64,260 sheep and goats and 42,000 poultry died and 533,000 chicks in Adıyaman and 168,000 chicks in Malatya perished. It was estimated that breeders suffered a loss of 602.5 million liras ($31.7 million) due to animal deaths.

In the analysis, it was stated that the total damage in the agricultural sector amounted to 24.2 billion liras according to preliminary determinations, and that 580.3 million liras of appropriation was needed to be allocated to the agricultural support budget to compensate for the loss of livestock.

It was also stated that an appropriation of 1 billion liras is needed for the feed that has been purchased and will be purchased until the beginning of March 2024 to be distributed to animal breeders.

The report suggested that land in the region that will not be cultivated due to migration should be identified and it should be leased through the Agriculture and Forestry Ministry, and measures should be taken to employ enough seasonal agricultural workers.