Program of Antalya Piano Fest announced

Program of Antalya Piano Fest announced

Program of Antalya Piano Fest announced

Nineteen concerts will be performed during the International Antalya Piano Festival between Nov 7 and 29.

The program of the 15th International Antalya Piano Festival, which was the topic of a recent conversation after the resignation of Fazıl Say, has been announced. Under the art directorship of Gürer Aykal, the festival will be held between Nov. 7-29. Along with the young talents’ concerts, Doruk Görkem Tokur and Giovanni Nesi’s Mediterranean premier, 19 concerts will be performed during the festival.

The festival will open on Nov. 7 with a concert by the Antalya state Symphony Orchestra. The concert will also host El Sistema Istanbul. Başar Can Kıvrak, Cem Babacan, Alexander Lonquich, Christian Zacharias and Tord Gustavsen will be among the other guests during the festival’s first week.

The second week’s guests will include French singer Adila Sedraia, known as Indila, and continue with Emir Gamsızoğlu, Hüseyin Sermet, Paul Lewis, Eliane Elias, Herbert Schuch and Gülru Ensari. The final week of the festival will present the Mediterranean Philharmonic Festival. Successful pianist Freddy Kempf will be the soloist of the concert. Fahir Atakoğlu and Ara Dinkjiyan, Kandemir Basmacıoğlu will be among the other guests of the festival.

The closing of the festival will be made by The 5 Browns, which is made up of two brothers and three sisters, on Nov. 29.

The festival’s honorary guest will be Austrian pianist Alfred Brendel. He will attend a panel discussion on Nov. 23 in the festival’s “Music Comes to Town” section. Also, Lonquich, Kempf, Lewis, Zacharias, Sermet and Schuch will give master’s classes in this section of the festival.

İnce Saz, Tord Gustavsen, Emir Gamsızoğlu, Atakoğlu and The 5 Browns will organize workshops in the festival, which will also present mini-performances and village school talks.