Pro-settler vandals deface Jerusalem monastery

Pro-settler vandals deface Jerusalem monastery

JERUSALEM - Agence France-Presse
Pro-settler vandals deface Jerusalem monastery

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Suspected hardline Israelis scrawled pro-settler graffiti and religious insults on a monastery just outside the walls of Jerusalem's Old City on Tuesday, police said, in the latest of a series of attacks on non-Jewish sites.
The vandals wrote the phrase "price tag" in Hebrew on the gate of the Franciscan Dormition monastery on Mount Zion - a reference to a violent campaign supporting unauthorised settlements in the Israeli-occupied West Bank.

The "Price tag" is the retribution some Israeli settlers say they will exact for any attempt by their government to curb settlement in the territory, which Palestinians want as part of a future state.
The group has targeted mosques and, less commonly, Christian churches, regarding any non-Jewish religious sites as an intrusion on the land.
It was the second attack on a Christian building in less than a month.

 "Price tag" attackers set fire to the doors of Latrun monastery in the West Bank on Sept. 4 in a possible retaliation for the eviction of families from an unauthorised outpost.
Israeli leaders have condemned "price tag" attacks and promised to punish the perpetrators.
A police spokesman said a number of people had been charged in connection with several of the incidents, but gave no details.
Palestinian officials and Israeli rights groups have accused the authorities of not doing enough to investigate the attacks.