Power cables to pass under Marmara Sea

Power cables to pass under Marmara Sea

Erdinç Çelikkan ANKARA / Hürriyet
Power cables to pass under Marmara Sea A large project is set to begin to transmit electricity generated in the South Marmara to the European side of Istanbul and the rest of Trakya via underwater power cables through the Dardanelles and the Gulf of İzmit.

The area, which constitutes the European part of the Marmara region, consumes some 23 percent of the total electricity generated in Turkey.

“All our efforts are being put toward transmitting electricity and other sources of energy to all regions of the country in a secure and quality way, whatever the geographical conditions are.

700 million lira project

The project to provide electricity for Istanbul and all of Thrace via underwater power cables is a consequence of this effort,” said Energy Minister Taner Yıldız.

The first cable under the Dardanelles will be completed in two years, Yıldız said.

“The second cable line in the Dardanelles, and another one in the Gulf of İzmit, will be put in with the investment program for 2013. We expect the quality of electricity to increase with these three lines, at a combined cost of 700 million Turkish Liras,” he said, adding that the volume of electricity trade with the European system will increase upon completion of the projects.

Rising energy demand

Nearly 10 percent of Turkey’s total electricity generation is consumed on the European side of Istanbul, and 13 percent in the rest of the Trakya region, according to the latest data.

New power plants are under construction to meet the rising demand for electricity in these regions. The underwater power cable project, which is a first for Turkey, was planned in order to transmit the additional electricity produced.