Pfizer opens local plant of pneumonitis vaccine

Pfizer opens local plant of pneumonitis vaccine

Pfizer opens local plant of pneumonitis vaccine

Pfizer picked Turkey for its third pneumococcal conjugate vaccine plant in the world, company executives say. The plant is located on the outskirts of Istanbul.

Global pharmaceutical giant Pfizer opened a new plant to produce pneumococcal conjugate vaccines in Istanbul’s Kurtköy district yesterday.

This is Pfizer’s third pneumococcal conjugate vaccine plant, the first two of which are located in the U.S. and Ireland, according a company press release.

The plant in Turkey has the capacity to produce 75 million doses per year.

This investment will allow Turkey to become self-sufficient in this type of vaccine, which is one aim of the Health Ministry’s national vaccine program.

Completely local

“This important project began in 2011 as a result of the combination of Pfizer’s support in financing, technology and know-how and Mefar’s fund of knowledge and experience,” Şefik Renda, the head of the coordination committee at BirgiMefar, said yesterday, according to the press release.

Pfizer has cooperated with Mefar İlaç, a subsidiary of the BirgiMefar Group of Companies, in pneumococcal conjugate vaccine production in Turkey.

The first domestic production is planned to be on the Turkish market this year, said Suat Kumser, site leader at Pfizer Turkey.

The vaccine is used against infections such as pneumonia and otitis media caused by pneumococcal bacteria. It is the first vaccine to be completely produced in Turkey including its ingredients, the press release said, adding that the plant will supply 21 million doses of the vaccine in three years to the Health Ministry.

“The decisive stance in encouraging [pharmaceutical] investments [in Turkey] was significant in Pfizer’s investment decisions. Pfizer will continue to evaluate new investment opportunities that will contribute to the economy of the country,” said Ahmet Göksun, regional president of Pfizer’s emerging markets.