Personal info should ‘be shared with firms’

Personal info should ‘be shared with firms’

Personal info should ‘be shared with firms’

Turkey’s information technology czar Tayfun Acarer says companies should shere more information on online commerce. Daily News Photo/ Emrah Gürel

Companies should be allowed to retrieve personal information online to detect customer tendencies in Turkey, or else other foreign companies will take over the market, Information Technologies Board (BTK) head Tayfun Acerer said yesterday, during a sector summit at the Eurasian Economic Summit.

Acerer said personal data retrieval will be one of the key issues of the upcoming age, and companies should be allowed to interfere if Turkey does not want to leave to market open to other actors.

“We need to discuss this, and process it,” Acerer said, adding that future wars will be economic in nature, making customer tendencies one of the most vital aspects of the industry.

Acerer also highlighted Turkey’s rapid development in cyber systems during his speech, citing a recent decision by ICANN to opening a new office in Istanbul.

Istanbul to become international hub

Istanbul is now set to become one of the three internet governance hubs of ICANN, alongside Los Angeles and Singapore, Acerer, who had just returned from the meeting in China, told guests and speakers.

The international aspect of cyber systems are of high importance, he added, and drills recently organized on a national level should take a global turn.