Papandreou's resignation rumor gets chaotic

Papandreou's resignation rumor gets chaotic

ATHENS - From online dispatches
Papandreous resignation rumor gets chaotic

George Papandreou. AFP photo

An official from Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou's office recently stated that "there is no resignation by the prime minister," Reuters reported. The prime minister is scheduled to give his speech in parliament as scheduled, the official futher told the agency, with no resignation in sight.

BBC had reported on its website today that the Greek Prime Minister Papandreou was expected to offer his resignation to Greek President Karolos Papoulios. 

Papandreou was to meet Papoulios after an emergency Cabinet meeting, the report said, citing sources in Athens.

He was expected to offer a coalition government with Lucas Papademos as prime minister.

Greek main opposition leader Antonis Samaras today called for a transition government to safeguard an EU debt deal threatened by the Greek crisis and to subsequently hold elections, Agence France-Presse reported.

"I ask for the formation of a temporary transition government with the exclusive responsibility to immediately hold elections, and ratify the loan deal under the present parliament," the right-wing Samaras said in a televised address.