The land of abnormality

The land of abnormality

Is it normal for some men wielding machete and kicking indiscriminately, including women, or firing a gun at people in the heart of Istanbul can get away with it? In any country where there is the notion of justice no such thing can happen. Yet, in Turkey, thanks to the officious efforts of some allegiant “men of law” such criminals may get away with their crime, freely get lost in the society or simply travel abroad… For example to Morocco.

Is is normal for some armed lesser terrorist members of the separatist terrorist Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) walk freely in towns? Is it conceivable with mind, logic, statehood, governance, peace you name it if while a government is talking of an effort to achieve a negotiated end to separatist terrorism separatist terrorists are establishing urban militia, conduct ID checks? In a country where there is government, police and the military to provide security for the citizens of that state, is it possible to have armed groups staging free separatist propaganda at funeral of their comrade in crime?

But, the high, bold, bald and ever-angry man with fire in his eyes is determined not to allow peaceful demonstrations critical of his autocratic, aggressive and indeed “sweary” administrative style. As always his fists were firm, eyes were burning at weekend speeches. He was determined not to leave the parks to the people critical of him, nor would allow housewives bang their pans for several minutes every night at 21:00 hours in declaration of solidarity with those horrendously gassed, beaten up or attacked by water cannons. Complaints of police started to surrender. In those complaints policemen were bemoaning that under orders of the government they were turned into beasts, denied the right to see psychiatrists, they were ashamed of what they were compelled to do…

Now the swearer top cop has ordered them to take action against housewives banging pans. The prime minister has said he has instructed “my minister” not to show mercy to those who by banging pans every night were creating noise pollution. Does anyone hear nowadays anyone banging pans? Banging pans was a way of protest people resorted to declare solidarity with protestors ruthlessly beaten up, gassed or soaked by police acting on orders of the government. Why the premier tried to provoke people resume it again? What’s his agenda?

It is difficult of course for a government that started with a “zero problem with neighbors” slogan to come to today’s “no friend with neighbors” awkward situation. Turkey is talking of foreign conspiracy; placed German Chancellor Angela Merkel at the bulls’ eye. It has serious confidence crisis with Washington and the rest of the West. From the US to Russia to Timbuktu everyone is faulty, but only our guys are correct. The Ikhwan is condemned by almost everyone, even Qatar and Saudi Arabia have turned supportive of the army coup in Egypt but the prime minister remains as adamant as ever. “Our president in Egypt remains to be Morsi” he has said. Fine, if what he said carries any value in international politics, no problem. The prime minister insists he will travel to Gaza to demonstrate his support for Palestinian Ikhwan, Hamas. He cannot go to either Israel or Egypt. His bright penslingers have an idea: He might travel off-Ghaza onboard a navy ship and then can go to Ghaza y a helicopter. Someone must deliver a lecture in what occupation, blockade, war zone and such terms are to these guys…

This country was turned into a champion in abnormality… Is this what they call “opening”?