‘Zero sales’ lead to power cut

‘Zero sales’ lead to power cut

There has been no disruption in the production of electricity. On the contrary, there has been excess electricity production. It is so high that selling electricity has become very cheap; producing and selling electricity actually results in a loss for companies. The best way to avoid losses is “zero sales.”

In other words, stopping production and sales. That is why some power plants stop production. A halt in a few power plants creates an electricity cut throughout Turkey. Due to the domino effect, the national energy network collapses.

The blame for the March 31 cut has been put on a “technical malfunction,” because it is not possible for the national energy network to collapse only due to the halt in a few power plants.

[HH] Reasonable backing

The energy experts who provided me with this information told me the following: “There should be a reasonable back-up mechanism for such technical malfunctioning. The power outage means that there is not enough back-up.”
The lack of back-up is a technical shortcoming, but the reason behind it is the lack of a political decision.
Imagine if in Europe a country’s entire electrical network collapsed for hours; people would resign. If this was in Japan, people would commit hara-kiri. In our country, nothing happens.
No sanction

According to the views of the experts, the share of the public in electricity production in 2002 - when the Justice and Development Party (AKP) came to power - was 68 percent, while the share of the private sector was 32 percent. Today, the share of the public is 30 percent while the share of the private sector is 70 percent.

Are any sanctions possible if the power plant was to say “I’m making a loss, so I won’t produce electricity today.” The answer of the experts: “There is no concrete sanction.” Again, a political mistake.
Once someone takes out the plug, many power plants go out of the circuit.

This is the essential point that the government needs to find a solution for. Investment is needed to guarantee the national network. Experts believe that there has been neglect. The result is darkness across the country for hours.

As if it was general elections…

Meanwhile, the main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) primaries have boosted the confidence of the electorate in the left and in the CHP more than expected.

I watched the CHP’s parliamentary group meeting. CHP head Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu was talking like a leader who has won the elections. He spoke with confidence.

There is a reason for this:

- It is difficult for any group in the CHP to now open the flag of uprising. Finally, Kılıçdaroğlu has established party discipline with the help of women and the youth.

- Those who see themselves as the real heads of the party have become history.

- The AKP is in panic. Davutoğlu, who had criticized Kılıçdaroğlu just three days ago for the promises he made to retired people, has himself now come up with pledges to increase the monthly salaries of the retired.

For the first time in 12 years, the primaries have strengthened the perception that the AKP can be removed from government.

Now the AKP is on the defensive. The CHP and the opposition has gained the upper hand.

The erosion and uneasiness within the AKP is blowing a new wind in Turkey. It is now down to the CHP and the rest of the opposition to properly use it.