This profile will get you

This profile will get you

Cem Yılmaz has 2,019,819, Abdullah Gül has 1,580,791, Demet Akalın has 1,394,038, Okan Bayülgen has 1,353, 829 and Gülben Ergen has 1,337, 382 followers. These are the top five people who have the most followers on Twitter in Turkey. Four of the top five are artists.

The number of research companies who conduct their surveys over social media is increasing each day in Turkey and in the world. One of them, the Monitera company has issued a “2013 Turkey Twitter profile.” According to this profile, recent data on the usage of Twitter in Turkey is as follows:

No matter whether it is banned or not, regardless of him saying “I do not understand Twitter, mwitter,” the fact is that the rising star of 2013 is Twitter. It is rising because of this:

- In 2012, the number of users was 7,200,000. In 2013, this figure became 9,600,000.

- Turkish Twitter users have sent 370 percent more tweets in 2013 compared to the previous year. The daily total of tweets is 8 million. This is an awesome communication net.

- While in 2012, in one second there were 20 tweets sent; in 2013 in one second 92 tweets were sent.
- In 2012, while the average number of characters in tweets was 64, in 2013 the number of characters rose to 70. 


- The city where there is the most sharing is Istanbul.

- While in 2012 men were more active in using Twitter, in 2013 men remain at 47 percent while women lead with 53 percent.

- The highest number of tweets is sent in the evening between 10 pm and 11 pm The day when the highest number of tweets is sent is Wednesday.

- Twitter users share the largest amount of news from Radikal and Ntvmsnbc follow Hürriyet.

There have been other surveys conducted about Twitter users in Turkey:

-  The average age of Twitter users is between 18 and 24; it is mainly used by very young people.

-  Twitter users are a generation who are “environmentalists, want more democracy and are keen on individual freedoms.” The sentence of once upon a time: “We want a conservative youth,” hangs in the air. On the contrary, a user group who is open to the world, who share social values and who are exactly the opposite of the Justice and Development Party (AKP) mentality is in question.

You are introducing a ban on this segment. The court has ruled to stop the practice anyway. But this ban you have introduced will get you back in the elections in three days’ time. Social media is quite determined.

Menderes did not have these

Wherever he visits, he lavishes huge praise for former PM Adnan Menderes. It has nothing to do with history. Let alone any correlation, there is not even the slightest similarity. History openly states there has not even been the mention of any dollar accusation concerning Menderes’ home, family, close aides. Menderes was tried at a special Revolution Court; there were no dollar accusations in any of these cases.

There was not a single case of corruption about Menderes in the Revolution Court.

As a matter of fact, the military regime had scrutinized the Democrat Party (DP) government mercilessly, but there was not the slightest bit of corruption about Menderes. Have faith in yourself; if you can trust yourself, then do not count on emotional exploitation.

*Yalçın Doğan is a columnist for daily Hürriyet in which this piece was published on March 27. It was translated into English by the Daily News staff.