Mysterious powers

Mysterious powers

With all my sincerity, I confess that my mind falls short of understanding what the “superior mind” is. Remember the founding and progressive periods of the Justice and Development Party (AK Party): In parallel with the world economy, our economy was growing; the government was processing “harmonization laws” during the EU process to match our laws to European laws. 

Only one of several examples, a clause was added to Article 90 of the constitution in 2004 which more or less meant “universal law is superior to local and national law.”

In those “happy times” there was no phrase such as “superior mind” in the AK Party’s political terminology. Whether a “superior mind” existed in those times or it existed and was not yet discovered by the government, I do not know that either. 

Turkey was introduced to the “superior mind” concept toward the end of 2014 and it was in 2015 that the use of this concept intensified. It continues in 2016. 

What kind of a stance did the “superior mind” have when we clashed with Russia and now that we have made peace with a correct decision? I do not know. 

Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu even said, on the Syria issue, “Russia and Turkey should work together.” Absolutely right. Turkey’s Syrian policy should be coordinated with the West, NATO and Russia. Details should be paid attention to and fine tuning should be exerted. 

But, I don’t know whether or not the “superior mind” would support this…  

Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım said instead of policies that increase our enemies, we were going to increase our friends. He is absolutely right. But I don’t know, in those years when the “precious loneliness” policies were adopted, what was the “superior mind” doing? What was its stance? 

Now that we are adopting an “increasing friends” policy, I wonder what the “superior mind’s” opinion on this is. Does anybody know? 

It is impossible to know where and what the mysterious powers will do because they are mystic and unreal.

It is not possible to sit down and talk to them like we do with Russia and Israel. It does not have a known policy so that you could plan ahead. 

Science philosopher Karl Popper likened conspiracy theories to astrology and horoscopes: When it coincides with reality, we assume it has come true. Even those who believe in horoscopes do not take into account their own experiences that prove it wrong. For this reason, Popper argued that concrete incidents and issues should be rationally analyzed. Solutions can only be developed with this mentality.

Well, the Gezi Park incidents, when viewed through the eyes of Popper, were an expression of social tension. The concern that trees would be cut down triggered the anxious masses… The solution would have been to act moderately and lower the tension. 

According to the government though, the Gezi Park incidents were a formation of mysterious powers such as “the interest rate lobby, foreign centers.” Belief in conspiracy does not produce any solution; on the contrary, it leads to harsh policies. Unfortunately, this was what happened. 

No doubt conspiracy sentiments in politics very much motivate the masses; they escalate tension and trigger fights. But they do not have any good consequences in the long run.

Leaving aside historic examples, it was a must that we moved from the empty clashes period in our foreign policy to the rational period of “seeking friends.” It is also a must that now is the turn for domestic normalization. Also in domestic politics, Turkey urgently needs the calm and dialogue-seeking attitudes that we saw in the first terms of the governing party and in mature democracies, instead of conspiratorial and clashing language. 

The path of the mind in every field and at all times is moderation.