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The last hundred years were a great parenthesis for Turkey. Last time, it was the First World War when the Muslim world was silenced by the collapse of the Ottoman Empire by colonial powers, which were new versions of the Crusaders. Only after President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and his party came to power did Turkey start to fight against the great surrender, which is why we call it the “2002 Revolution” or the “Great Awakening.” Since then, there has been an effort to push Turkey back to its pervious subservient position by the joint efforts of Zionist-Western forces. It is no surprise, since after a wasted century, Turkey, under the leadership of Erdoğan, started to challenge the global supremacy of colonialism in the name of the entire Muslim world.

From the end of Ottoman Empire to the rise of Erdoğan’s rule, Turkey was reduced to being a Western puppet and was governed by domestic proxies of the West. Not only Turkey but the whole Muslim world suffered by the loss of Ottoman leadership. After Erdoğan and his party came to power, evil forces never gave up and did not halt their efforts to crush the awakening in Turkey. The ancient regime tried military and judicial coups but failed. The next effort came with the so-called “Gezi events.” The Gezi uprising was a plot which aimed to remove the Justice and Development Party (AKP) from office with the support of international powers. Then came the so-called “corruption probes” on Dec. 17 and Dec. 25, 2013. In fact, the whole thing was another coup plot against the government. This time, it was the Gülen movement who played the major role as the pawn of international powers. Erdoğan and his party were in alliance with the Gülen movement in the beginning out of naivety; they never thought that a religious group can be that evil and work in collaboration with all of Turkey’s enemies. Thank God, all these efforts were defeated by the decisiveness of Erdoğan.  

Unfortunately, the enemies joined forces again for the last general election. The June election was the last plot (yes, elections can also be used for plots!). All the enemies of Erdoğan supported their efforts to weaken the government party and managed to diminish its power so that the AKP could not form a majority government. The Kurdish party was nothing more than a civil wing of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), but that did not stop secularists, liberals and democrats from voting for it. Even the main opposition party, the Republican People’s Party (CHP), supported the Kurdish party in indirect ways. Moreover, the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) played into their hands with its anti-Erdoğan propaganda. You see that Turkey has been under attack from all fronts since Erdoğan’s domestic and foreign enemies joined forces. The efforts for a coalition government were no more than a plot to undermine the “Great Cause” by diluting the power of Erdoğan’s party.

Could it be that, all parties, circles and individuals in opposition have their own reasons to oppose Erdoğan, as is very normal in any other country? And could it be that forming a coalition government is a common political solution in the absence of a majority? No! Since Turkey is not like any other country, Erdoğan is no ordinary political leader and his party is no ordinary party. He himself and his party have a “historical mission” and Turkey is the lifeline of the Muslim world. That is why it is no ordinary times, ordinary rules or ordinary politics!

Now, global plotters and their domestic collaborators employed the PKK as their last trump to destabilize Turkey. Now, “Turkey may seem to be fighting against the PKK, but in fact it fights against the English, Germans, French and Jews!”

This text is the summary of the governing ideology in Turkey; it means that Turkey is being governed by this mentality. This understanding of world politics, society, enemies and friends shapes our lives and seeks more power to shape our future. Various versions of this view of the world and Turkey are being expressed not only by opinion leaders, columnists and op-eds of AKP-supporting media but also by many AKP politicians. The last quote above is from the column of one of the distinguished Islamist intellectuals published in government-supporting daily Yeni Şafak (Sept. 11, 2015). No more comment!