Another wonderful week in Turkey

Another wonderful week in Turkey

Last week was another wonderful week in our country. The only problem was the ruling of the Constitutional Court against the arrest of two journalists who were in prison on charges of treason. They were freed by the Constitutional Court’s decision, but luckily our President intervened, saying he would not accept it and had no respect for the court’s decision. The opposition parties protested the President’s remarks, as usual, in the name of a violation of judicial freedom, but who are they to comment on the President’s words and deeds? Our President is chosen by the majority of the votes and represents the “will of nation.”

Besides, the case against the aforementioned journalists had nothing to do with freedom of speech or press freedom; the issue was about exposing state secrets by publishing photos of trucks which were full of weapons going to Syria. In fact, the news was not new and it was not the first exposition of the matter, but nobody can bother our government again and again. After all, it is the decision of the government to send weapons to the Syrian opposition to save the country from its dictator, and nobody is in a position to question the government’s decisions. It is our government, good or bad!

Another media group was silenced over the weekend with a court decision.  It was a just decision since the group belonged to the U.S.-based cleric Fethullah Gülen, whose terrorist activities were discovered by the government after years of a political alliance. It emerged that the Gülen group orchestrated “a coup” by using corruption allegations against the ruling party’s politicians two years ago. Thank God, the coup attempt failed thanks to the resilience of the ruling party and in the end, those who exposed some so-called “evidence” of bribery and secret deals were themselves arrested.

Although dozens of soldiers and policemen have been killed in clashes with the Kurdish terrorists in the southeast, many more terrorists have been annihilated in return. Besides, those soldiers and policemen are martyrs and the safety of the motherland requires martyrdom. There can be no debate on the military operations, because they are the only solution to end the PKK problem, which, as a mere terror problem, has nothing to do with the Kurdish problem. Indeed, there is no Kurdish problem in Turkey, but only a few trouble-makers. Besides, it is foreign powers who provoke and use terrorist organizations against Turkey. They are doing so because Turkey proved that it can return to the glory of Ottoman times and lead the Muslim world under the leadership of our President and his ruling party. The international community is trying to isolate Turkey, since it is the only Muslim power which can challenge the West and the rest. The Westerners know that if Turkey is not stopped, the global order will be altered.

In his latest West African tour (which was another happy occasion from last week), our President emphasized that while imperialists had exploited the continent until now, Turkey was now here to offer fraternal assistance. Indeed, our Ottoman past is the proof of our tradition of benevolence; the Ottomans were like the Salvation Army, conquering vast lands to help people who had been suffering under corrupt rulers, so much so that even the Byzantine population of Constantinople invited the Turks to govern them. No wonder, then, why the Ottoman Empire was ruined by various plots and the republican regime was “designed” by the puppets of the foreign powers to distract Turks from their religion. 

At the moment, Turkey has some problems (which country does not?), but after the New Turkey is fully established under the guidance of the President, all troubles will be over. Let’s support the ruling party to write a new constitution which is based on native values and enforce correct guidance under the name of the “Turkish Presidential System.”

The text above is my attempt to write within the limits of toleration under the current political circumstances in Turkey. I hope you like it or, more appropriately, I hope they like it.