The message is very clear, do what it says

The message is very clear, do what it says

One of those “wise guys” from the “other” neighborhood wrote, “Ballot boxes are opening; votes are being counted. First results coming… It is an outcome pointing to a dramatic detachment…  It is an outcome where uncertainty, adventure and chaos will take the stage instead of stability… This time the voter has said that it wants a country full of uncertainties…”

This was written only a couple of hours after the election results came in. 

He was not alone. He is only one of those who want the voter to think like this. Even though he knows that the reality is not this, he wants them to assume this; and they are not only a few guys.  

Indeed, the Justice and Development Party (AKP) was not just the government or a ruling political movement. We have been aware, for a long while, that the AKP now equaled the state itself. 

All components of the country and the state, the executive body, justice, police, intelligence, higher education, local governments, the Supreme Board of Radio and Television (RTÜK), Turkish Airlines, telecommunications, the banking system and the media were under their rule.

Everything but everything, a long list that would not fit into this column, has been ruled by one mind for a long time. 

And of course, when a country, with everything it has, is bound to only one mind, when everything is designed to be dependent on it, then of course it is not absurd to think “what will happen to this country?” when that one mind is not seen anywhere. One can be concerned. This is very natural. 

I wish the concern of these guys was a genuine one. But it is not.  

They are pointing to “chaos” and using “fear” as their legitimacy tool for the continuation of a government they have clung on and fed on.

They are trying to create the perception that society needs the political rule they support by pumping the fear of chaos.  

They are not doing it for the goodness and welfare of society. Their only motivation is their concern that they will lose the share they have from this rule, one they continuously take bites from.

The fear of chaos is the most important legitimacy means that political powers and their tools have used for all eternity. 

Whoever does not know this is naïve. For this reason, let us move on.

Let’s come to the point.

There is a sick man there. Now, a major opportunity has leaped out of the ballot box to cure this sick man. It is a chance to stop the illness before it spreads further. Maybe it is a last chance. 

Early diagnosis saves lives, remember. While we are way past that “early” stage, a long time ago, let us make a call on all politicians, regardless of their parties. 

Do not miss this opportunity because of micro interests, ambitions, stubbornness and empty shows. 

The message of the voter is not what is written on the opinion pages of the “other” neighborhood’s papers; you know that better than anybody else. 

The message is very clear. 

It is the same message as Gezi Park. 

Just be responsible, leave aside the accounts between each other and do not make us start from your red lines. Explain to your grassroots one by one that it is a necessity to unite and do what needs to be done. 

Maybe this is our last opportunity to unite as a society; do not waste it, do not throw it away. 

You have a very big responsibility. 

The last word is from Peter Kropotkin; it is especially for the economic stability fetishists…

“…Those who imagine that men would devour one another without … governors: You reason like the king, who, being sent across the frontier, called out, ‘What will become of my poor subjects without me?’”