Why has the football league been suspended for just one week?

Why has the football league been suspended for just one week?

After the armed attack on the bus carrying Fenerbahçe footballers and administrators, it was just as expected: Everybody spoke in a cacophony.

Just one hour after the incident there were comments on TV stations and “experts” were talking.
Nobody said: “We have no details of the incident yet. It is not right to make a comment. At this stage, we can only condemn the attack.”

Because the shot was fired with a hunting rifle, some speculated that the culprit was “unprofessional.” Or maybe that they wanted to create the impression that it was done by an “amateur”?
But we don’t know this…

Others said that it is no secret that there is hostility toward Fenerbahçe, especially among football club administrators. They have tried to cover up their sporting failure through this hostility and so a fanatic has been deeply extremely moved by it and committed this act...
We don’t know this either…

The head of Trabzonspor football club said the attack was the work of a “superior mind.” This phrase is fashionable these days. Whenever there is an unsolved situation it is attributed to a “superior mind.”
We don’t know this either...

There are so many unknowns, but the federation has postponed the league only for one week. Why did it not postpone all matches and suspend the league indeterminately?

What if the head of Trabzonspor was right? What if there was a “superior mind” who wanted to stir up the country? If games are played, will it not mean that he can find another opportunity?

What if those who say “this is a professional attack” are right? What if this wasn’t the work of just one fanatic?

30 million Turks in need of aid

In Turkey, over just the past two years, 7 million more people have become poor. According to Olcay Büyükyaş’s story in daily Cumhuriyet, the number of people in need of social aid was 23,668,000 in 2012. This figure rose to 30,500,000 in 2014.

The monthly income of 39 percent of the population remains below 270 Turkish Liras.

The Ministry of Family and Social Policies distributed 20.3 billion liras from the central budget to citizens in need of aid in one year.

Thus, on the one hand citizens are impoverished. They have been made to seek aid. On the other hand they have become dependent on several kinds of state aid. 

Indeed, this is an easier method for winning elections than securing a just income distribution.

We hear speeches saying “the economy has developed, stability has been beneficial, etc,” but every year the number of people in need of social aid increases rapidly.

Those desperate people, with the fear of “being cut off from aid” are becoming a stronghold of the government that has put them in this situation.

Let’s see whether this calculation will again work in this election.

Or will the poor notice what has made them fall into this situation and vote accordingly?