What will the president do now?

What will the president do now?

When President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan was about to board his plane to the Unites States to attend the funeral of a person he had never met in his life, spending our taxes, he said the following about the Armenian genocide resolution approved in the German Parliament:   

“If Germany does not return from this wrong step, we, of course, will make an assessment according to this; the steps we have to take will be different. In other words, the period from now on will not be like the one up until today. There is a course in Germany, right now, where there are 3 million-3.5 million Turks. From now on, of course, this will be conducted in a much more careful, in a much more controlled way.”

These are direct quotations. I did not change the structure of the sentences, the place of words, etc. I did not add or subtract anything. 

Just by looking at the tone of these sentences, you can see that the president actually has nothing he can do against Germany. These are not the sentences of a person who knows what to do, who is determined; rather, they belong to an ambivalent, indecisive person who does not know what he will do. These are words that do not have a beginning and an end and are not clear about what they are referring to. 

Look at this sentence: “There is a course in Germany, right now, where there are 3 million-3.5 million Turks.

From now on, of course, this will be conducted in a much more careful, in a much more controlled way.”

What has happened to the 3.5 million Turks? What kind of a course is continuing in Germany that from now on, it will be conducted much more carefully and controlled? 

He also knows that actually what he can do is extremely limited.

The ambassador has been withdrawn; he will be returned after a while. Boycotting German companies for state tenders won’t serve any purpose.   

For this reason, he makes incomprehensible sentences including such words as “course, control, care” so that people will go “wow” while listening to him, so that an ordinary citizen will assume there is some wonder within these words. 

On the other hand, he is not totally wrong: he is able to find so many people who think his words work wonders.

The crusader of the 21st century  

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan gave the first fast-breaking dinner (iftar) in the month of Ramadan to the families of martyrs and delivered a speech on the causes of terror. He said terrorists should not be regarded as human beings.  

Referring to the “reasons of terror,” he said the terror wave we are currently experiencing was to finish the job that the crusades and the Mongol invasions did not: “There is a desire to complete the half-finished job of the crusaders, the Mongol invasions and the Treaty of Sevres through the terror organization. This is the reason that they have left aside all ideological differences and all terror organizations have united under one umbrella.”  

I could not understand how this is possible. First of all, the Mongols had nothing to do with Christianity, but anyway…. From this speech, we understand that there is a “Christian force” and that force, since the 1096 crusades, has been trying to capture Istanbul, Thrace and Anatolia. Probably, what he calls the “superior mind” should be this power. This power might also be the European Union or the U.S. because Latin American Christians or their coreligionists in the South Pacific do not have such physical power.  

Well, if they really wish to ethnically cleanse the Muslims here, then why do you go and wait at their door?

For instance, the U.S. has military bases in Turkey that are places of hustle and bustle. Why don’t you close them? It is you who is knocking at the door of the EU to get in; it was you who called the Germans and the Dutch to your country at the beginning of the Syrian civil war, asking them to install missile defense systems. What for? 

Well, this is so because there is no such crusade against Turkey. When you do this, when you create an imaginary enemy, then it gets easier to deceive people here and silence those who are “against the regime.” 
This is the only reason why the 21st-century version of the crusades has been invented: to persuade people to consent to the authoritarian rule of one man.