Let’s not forget those responsible while rejoicing

Let’s not forget those responsible while rejoicing

The hostages have been saved; this is what is important. I am not saying that how this happened is unimportant – that would be unfair to those who worked hard in this process. We can only thank them.
Believing in “conspiracy theories” in our society should be considered a deep-rooted tradition. We will, of course, face many conspiracy theories after this incident. Starting from how the hostages were freed, to who played what role, we will have to listen to a bunch of nonsense. 

No doubt, there will be many “strategy experts” - who have obtained these titles under unknown conditions to us - who will squint at us, “the ignorant,” and explain. There will no doubt be many people who will believe what they tell.

I think all of these are of no significance.

The real issue we need to focus on here is how 46 of our citizens, including a consul general, could be taken hostage.

According to the members of the special operation police who have spoken to daily Hürriyet and who were taken hostage as they were serving at the consulate, they detected the danger early enough. Upon this, they prepared a safe evacuation plan, but this was not implemented.

Why was this plan not applied? Was it because of, as the deputy prime minister claimed, a “noncomplying consul general”? If so, then there should be an administrative consequence, shouldn’t there? Or is it because, as pointed out earlier, the evacuation warning of the National Intelligence Organization (MİT) was disregarded by the then foreign minister and current prime minister, Ahmet Davutoğlu?

If so, then there should be a political consequence to it.

Let us rejoice that our citizens have been saved, but let us not allow this joy of ours to result in the impunity of those who are responsible, so that nobody would dare make the same mistake again!

Attempts to bring the war into Turkey

Meanwhile, according to news reports, nearly 400 PKK militants have passed the border from Suruç to Syria to join the PYD/YPG units fighting against ISIL.

The Kurdish political movement in Turkey is calling on the youth to support the “revolution” in Kobane. The KCK has urged the entire Kurdish youth to “pour into Kobane.” According to the KCK, behind ISIL there is Turkey, and that ISIL is conducting a war against Kurds as a proxy for the Turkish state (another conspiracy theory).

Personally, I would not take these kinds of messages of political organizations seriously. But I would take this seriously: If some Turkish youths are taken to the border with vehicles belonging to the municipality and forced into a disgusting war, then this has to be highlighted.

It is highly probable that ISIL will conduct a massacre against the Kurds in Rojava. It is one thing to force legitimate paths to stop this and try to activate Turkey and the entire world against this, it is another thing to arm young volunteers and send them to their deaths.

This does not mean anything else but transporting the war across our borders inside our country. If the jihadists from Turkey resort to similar methods to support ISIL, then there will only be one practical result of this: The war will spill into Turkey.

It is possible to easily imagine what the consequences of such a spillover would be.

Unfortunately, we have a government in power that has not had a single correct prediction since the first day of the Syrian crisis. It are also disabled by an ideological blindness similar to that of the KCK.