Is this the upper-mind or lower-mind?

Is this the upper-mind or lower-mind?

According to the “pool” media, a report has been submitted to Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu. This report was on the case about which the Constitutional Court will reach a verdict in the coming days on whether or not the election threshold was a violation of rights.

Naturally, we do not know who wrote the report. The pool media publishes such stories from time to time. It is difficult to figure out whether this was written by a public institution or by somebody at his desk.

According to this report, the debate on the election threshold is a product of “upper wisdom.”
The report claimed that the fact that the Constitutional Court was discussing this was a “move of political engineering.” The aim is to create chaos before the elections so that the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) is prevented from reaching the adequate majority to change the Constitution and introduce the presidential system.

Well, there is nothing more expected than those who believe that America was discovered by Muslims to believe such a conspiracy theory. I am so sure they also believe this.  

I am actually wondering who this “supra-wisdom” is. Is it America, the EU, Fethullah Gülen, Russia, Iran or Saudi Arabia?

It is an undefined identity, but somehow this is such a wisdom, such an intelligence that it rises above everything, but is caught by the AKP.

Anyway, let’s leave it at that.

Before anything else, we do not know what decision the Constitutional Court make. It could repeat former judgments and find the threshold correct.

Even if it rules that the threshold is a violation of rights, for this ruling to affect the upcoming elections, the Parliament needs to make a legal amendment to lift the threshold.

Regardless of whether the court rules that the threshold is or is not a violation of rights, the existence of the 10 percent threshold will continue to be an issue crippling free democratic elections.

The majority of European democracies do not have a threshold; those that have it are not above 5 percent.

Why do we have it in our country? We have it because Kenan Evren and his friends wanted so!

Actually, it should be the AKP that should fear the most of a high election threshold. The reason is that most probably in the upcoming elections, the Kurdish party will not run with independent candidates, but as a party and for them to not be able to pass the threshold would mean a serious portion of votes will find no representation.  

Who should worry the most that such an election would not be considered legitimate is the one who wins the elections.

On one hand, you would say, “Drop your arms; participate in politics,” then on the other hand you put thresholds in front of politics.

Shall we call this a “lower mind” or “sub-wisdom”?

No objection to the wallet   

Paid military service has been decided for and those who can gather 18,000 Turkish Liras can pay and be exempt from military service. I am not against this. In this era, there is no point in accommodating such a huge army; the quicker the army is modernized and professionalized, the better it is.  

It is difficult to put together 18,000 liras. Those who have difficulty in paying this fee will have to work more instead of doing their military service.

If we are seeking equality, then convenient conditions, such as low-interest loans should have been provided.

But the governing party does not have such an issue. As any right-wing government, they like those who have money.

Also, the issue of the conscientious objectors has not been solved either. Well, what do they have to do with the conscience; what is important is the wallet, the wallet’s conscious?