Is this ‘in the nature’ of demanding peace?

Is this ‘in the nature’ of demanding peace?

Interior Minister Selami Altınok spoke at the press conference held after the massacre in Ankara, saying, “There is nothing related to a flaw in security.”

As if, with a strong intelligence network, everything was known beforehand and all the necessary precautions were taken… 

What the interior minister refers to as “nothing related to a security flaw” is the biggest terrorist attack in the history of Turkey! 

According to those who believe they have covered everything and have taken every precaution during the planning and execution of the attack, then how do we explain the death of so many people? 

Could it be by “the nature of things?” 

Because, dying in this manner is in the nature of holding a demonstration and march in a country like Turkey, which lives in the twilight of fascism.

They are subtly telling us, “Unless you dare to die or be crippled, then you do not march, you do not protest…” 

Shall we call it destiny or fate? 

In a country like Turkey, where the footsteps of fascism are heard loud and clear, do they mean to say, “If you set out on the road to chant peace, then bombs will come and find you; they would find you in Ankara and Suruç?” 

If there is no flaw in security, then how was this attack carried out? Why doesn’t the minister explain this? 

Somebody has to tell him the truth 

I was surprised when Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu said those who have attacked Star Medya Group executive Murat Sancak were caught, because, you know, nobody has been caught yet.

But, from now on, I have decided not to be surprised by anything he says. Obviously, nobody is taking the prime minister seriously and informing him properly and he in turn thinks he is running the country with the information he gathers from papers, with bits and pieces he hears from here and there. 

Look at his statement issued after the monstrous attack in Ankara: “The perpetrators in Diyarbakır and Suruç have been caught and brought to justice. The attacker at Suruç, Abdurrahman Alagöz, has been caught and brought to justice.” 

I can now vow that the prime minister lives in a quite different world than us.

The terrorist Alagöz he referred to as “caught and delivered” was there at the attack as a suicide bomber, anyway; when the bomb went off, he died. There is nobody who has been “brought to justice” in relation with this attack. 

Not only in the Suruç attack. In other bomb attacks, the planners and the administrators behind them are still nowhere to be seen. 

Maybe the prime minister is not aware of it but it would be so much better if some people explain to him how these things are done. 

A suicide bomber is not just a suicide bomber. He or she has a very strong network around him or her so that they can carry out their attack.  

Now let us ask the prime minister who was caught after the suicide bomb attacks in Adana, Mersin, Diyarbakır and Suruç? Who were the ones who provided the explosives, made the bomb and tied it to the body of the suicide bomber-to-be? 

Where are the ones who hid and aided the suicide bomber until the day of the attack and brainwashed them during that period?

Where are the ones who spotted the person to be assigned as a suicide bomber, recruited them to the organization and had them cross the Syrian border to join Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) camps and take them back to Turkey? 

First take a close look at yourself 

Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu has made a call to political parties saying it is the joint responsibility of all to protect democracy.” He said, “All political leaders should be careful about their discourses and styles, stay away from provocations and should definitely not be engaged in hateful revenge speeches, which would multiply in the society…”

While he was saying these, Aydın Ünal, who was on his party’s list and elected as a deputy, posted this tweet: “The CHP [Republican People’s Party] and HDP [Peoples’ Democratic Party] administration which rushed to the bloodshed in Ankara as a vampire… and the Doğan/Fethullah media… We are closely watching these two… That blood will drown you.”

This guy, you know, is the ex-speech writer of the president. 

This is also the reason he is doing the opposite of what the prime minister says. It is because he does not care about the prime minister; his true patron sits in the Palace. 

What kind of a link can there be between the terror attack in Ankara and us? Are we the ones running the state? Do the National Intelligence Organization (MİT) and the Interior Ministry report to the Doğan Group? Did we send the weapons to terrorist groups in Syria? Did we bring those Islamist terrorists wounded in Syria back to Turkey for medical treatment? 

What kind of shamelessness is this?