Is the ceasefire being suspended?

Is the ceasefire being suspended?

Let us remember what the most distinct feature of the “peace process,” also known as the “ceasefire,” has been. The army and the police were avoiding any hot clashes with the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK); if one may say so, they were closing an eye. 

Military and police operations were stopped and the PKK was continuing to do what it used to do with a low profile.   

This was the order of the political will, the government. 

You would remember that several discussions emerged because of this. It was highly criticized how certain armed people were freely wandering inside the country’s borders. 

The practical result of this process was that young people were not dying anymore; for this reason, the ceasefire process also gained popular support. 

This went on until the morning of last Saturday, April 11. The Office of the Governor of Ağrı had received information that the PKK would make propaganda at the “spring festival” at the Yukarıtütek village in the Diyadin district. According to this intelligence, PKK members would come to the village as if they were attending the festival and exert pressure on the villagers to vote for the candidates they were supporting in the upcoming elections. 

We do not know what kind of pressure they were going to exert and what kind of a result they were to obtain. Maybe they would be involved in propaganda activity, as they have done until today. 

However, when the Office of the Governor of Ağrı ordered the army to intervene, there were clashes. 
The aspect of the issue that is open to any kind of conspiracy theory lies right here. 

What happened to make the Office of the Governor of Ağrı, which had been closing an eye to such activities up to this day, change its mind and call the gendarmeries on duty to prevent them? 

This does not look like a situation that is in harmony with the spirit of the “ceasefire process.” 

Should we draw the conclusion that the army and the police will not tolerate the activities of the PKK in the region anymore?   

Is the “ceasefire” going to be shelved until after the elections? Will a political period start now where politics will be run over the funerals of martyrs? 

If this was a plan intended to prevent the People’s Democratic Party (HDP) from crossing the threshold and now the plan is being implemented, then the situation is very grave. 

I do not even want to think about it, that a government which is responsible for the country’s peace and security would be able to get involved in such games. I always think that these kinds of conspiracy theories are fabricated by those circles which have an extremely broad imagination. 

However, this approach should not affect the naked truth lying in front of our eyes. 

What happened to cause the Office of the Governor of Ağrı to call on the military to prevent activities which had been ordered to be tolerated up to this day? 

A strong reasoning of this should be announced so that we do not lose time to conspiracy theories.

Do not criticize the ‘sacred’ government
According to ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) officials, the right to criticize the government belongs only to deputies in parliament. 

They attack the academic, the economist, the businessperson, whoever criticizes the government and tells them to “enter into politics.”

Turkey’s prestigious business association, TÜSİAD, criticized the government the other day. First the president scolded them and then the economy minister said they were attacking the government. 
If you do not agree with criticisms, then you should go out and say what is wrong with these criticisms. If there is wrong information, then correct it. But you cannot say “they are attacking.”

Governments are not sacred entities, and neither are politicians.