Why Turks get HIV when they go abroad

Why Turks get HIV when they go abroad

Director General of the Turkish Red Crescent Ömer Taşlı said recently: “As Turkey gets wealthier, contacts with other countries and journeys abroad have increased. During these travels [Turks] can receive blood or blood diseases. There has been an increase in HIV cases.”

This statement has received so many reactions.

I was amazed. What could be more natural then that?

We live in a society obsessed with sex. We see what people do — some openly and some secretly — in the news. Think of what these people could do when they go abroad, leaving the ever-watching eye of the Turkish media.

Let’s not forget that in Ukraine, women protested against their Turkish clients in front of the Turkish embassy because of their excessive interest in sex.

I don’t understand why people were angry.

Let’s stop being hypocrites for once.

I say this with all honesty. Let’s behave differently this time.

Let’s avoid being hypocrites.

I am talking about the urban transformation project that started Friday.

Let’s not demonize a project that will save the lives of thousands just for the sake of the opposition. Let’s not forget that for the first time a project that will stop people from being killed in the rumble of the smallest earthquake is starting. No political government has acted so courageously thus far. Let’s give them their due.

I am sure there will be corruption and many misgivings in this initiative, which involves the demolition of thousands of buildings. Let’s spot the mistakes in the project, let’s criticize it, but let’s not bring the project to a halt. Hundreds of thousands of lives will be saved thanks to this project.

Justice for Engin Ceber
We have been waiting for four years and now justice is served.
Engin Ceber was detained while distributing a magazine of leftist views and sent to Metris prison. He was tortured and beaten to death after undergoing heavy beatings in both a police station and prison. Security cameras and doctor reports proved that his death was the result of heavy torture and beatings.

Since that day we have been looking for justice to be served.

Finally we can take a deep breath. Those responsible for Ceber’s death, the second director of Metris prison Fuat Karaosmanoğlu and guards Sami Ergazi and Selahattin Apaydın were sentenced to life imprisonment. In addition nine guards, multiple police officers, the prison doctor and additional soldiers received sentences.

This time the state did not protect the guilty.

Fener will miss Alex
We experienced a very interesting incident. There was a tremendous ‘Alex storm.’ It still has not faded away and its aftershocks continue to be felt.

I am asking myself whether the reaction of the fans were about Alex’s personality or whether they used Alex to protests other things.

Whatever the case is, Alex has left a mark in all of us. He came to represent different things for different people. Some believe he was treated unjustly. Some believe he got what he deserved. At the end of the day, we will all miss him.