The ‘community’ should be transparent instead of complaining

The ‘community’ should be transparent instead of complaining

The “community” formed around Fethullah Gülen has been suffering from the same nuisance for years. 
“Whatever happens, we are held accountable. Whenever a stone is turned over, it is claimed we are under it. We are dragged into matters we are not even interested in. We are tired of this situation,” they say. 

They are complaining in the extreme. Truly, almost every development is linked to the “community.” 
Under the earthquake in the military and under the ongoing cases of Ergenekon-Balyoz, documents said to be leaked by the “community” are found.

It is believed that the police and the judiciary are run by the “community.” This perception is getting more widespread among the public. 

This is a very dangerous course. After a while, the most unrelated events are likely to be linked to the “community” more and more. Unless this is prevented and necessary measures are taken, then bigger problems will occur in the future. 

Societies overestimate those powers that they are unable to know or see. They carry it into dimensions beyond reality. Then one day comes and equilibriums shift and there might be a “community” hunt. In history and in other countries, these kinds of events have been experienced. 

Secretiveness is very dangerous. They may not be aware of it but today people widely believe that, in the name of the “community,” through their agents placed in institutions, much covert business is conducted. The “community” gradually assumes a mysterious position in people’s minds. 

Actually, the “community” is not a secret organization. They have no leader who is bossing everybody. They also do not possess a political ambition to take over power. However, nobody fully knows who is who. They are not known to the public. Then, everything turns into an “urban legend.” 
The community now must decide. It will either take responsibility or live with accusations and, moreover, attacks against it. 

Well, what does it mean to take responsibility? Taking responsibility is entering politics. It means becoming an actor determining the life of the country and its future as a political institution. 
Well, it might just as well not opt for this. It is their choice. But then, their complaints, “We are being looked for under every stone,” will have no meaning. 

The ugly face of the state 

The letter below was sent to me by retired ambassador Fazlı Keşmir. It can happen to everyone. The state also should reform its ugly face and abandon bureaucracy. 

“You have received a letter from the Finance Ministry Revenue Administration (GİB). No date, not reference number. There is a signature from Mehmet Kılcı, the head of the GİB, at the end. The letter says in short that ‘There are unpaid taxes and fines for the vehicle(s) you own… Unless you pay them, seizure will become inevitable.’ 

“You go to the GİB website and find out for sure that your vehicle taxes have been paid. Then? You phone GİB to be sure. They confirm you don’t have any tax due. What about the traffic tickets? They do not have data on this in their system. Why? Because the traffic police sends copies of the ticket to the Finance Ministry, and then the Finance Ministry sends it to the tax department for collection. Well, why is the person who is fined not informed? Also, since both the GİB and the tax department are under the Finance Ministry, then why doesn’t the GİB website contain more information? 

“There are no answers to these questions. As a responsible taxpayer you visit the tax department. After waiting in long lines with hundreds of people who have similar letters in their hands, you are told you have a traffic ticket from February 2009, from a vehicle you sold in September 2009. The fine was 128 Turkish Liras but it has gone up to 205 because of interest due to the delay. 

“What traffic offence? Why did no notice arrive for three years? While you were selling your vehicle, which authority issued the document that the vehicle had no overdue taxes and fines? 

“The clerk is rude: ‘We don’t know this. Are you going to pay or not? Next.’

“You pay helplessly. Not that the amount of money hurts but the general helplessness hurts, the chaos you need to go through and that none of your questions are answered.”

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