Intelligence also deceived us all on May 1

Intelligence also deceived us all on May 1

The prime minister has severely hurt many scribes who had supported him on every Kurdish initiative, the ones that other parties name as traitors. Some of them especially did not deserve what was said about them, not in the least. 

Because I am one of those who had written that it was a mistake to ban Nevruz celebrations, I have to say we did not deserve the prime minister’s harsh criticisms at all; his scorn toward our supposed desires for an invitation from Kandil or İmralı to conduct interviews as if it were tantamount to treason was especially unsuitable. Being one of those who have supported Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s Kurdish initiative the most, I viewed this proclamation with astonishment. 

The prime minister’s main theme was “Our intelligence bodies reported that they were preparing a major blow, an insurgency protesting the KCK arrests. We banned [the celebrations] because of this. These journalists, can’t they ever calculate this side of the matter?” 

Well… No… We don’t have such means. Besides, if they were to torch the surroundings even if there were no bans, then the state would have displayed the same reaction it did so recently. Banning did not change anything. Also, I want to remind you: 

I believe that the trust attributed to intelligence organizations should also be questioned. 
Remember, the biggest taboo of the past was May 1 Labor Day. According to the state, it was a communist organization and should be banned at all costs. 

Leftist labor unions, on the other hand, persistently demanded to hold rallies in Taksim Square but they received the same reply every time: “There will be a major disturbance and bloodshed. We cannot allow you to do so.” The argument was that the country would clash with each other and that major mayhem would erupt. Prime ministers would stand out and deliver statements such as “We have received extremely significant intelligence; we cannot allow it. The peace of the country is above everything else.” 

This fight went on for years. Our people lost their lives in the Taksim war

Then Justice and Development Party (Ak Party) came to power and Taksim was opened! 
Nothing happened. There was no incident, no bloodshed. And it has been continuing like this for years. 

Nobody is skeptical about the National Intelligence Organization (MİT) or other intelligence organizations. But whatever the intelligence services say is not an order from God. They make their estimations and recommend possible measures. The political decision is up to the governments. 

It means that this government at this stage has opted for a tough stance. 

I cannot think of another option. 

Well, I understand all of this, but why, then, is there a need to drag these journalists through the mud? 

Don’t forget, when a new Kurdish initiative is launched tomorrow, you will cry for the support of the journalists you have hurt today. 

Anything can be said except ‘What are we doing in Kabul?’ 

I also felt the pain of losing those 12 sturdy young people. Moreover, I wrote, “We have lost 12 people to a lost war.” 

However, let’s talk straight here. It is not acceptable to say, “What are we doing in Afghanistan?”
Let’s not forget that Afghanistan is a country inside our sphere of influence. For many years, we have had extremely significant and strong relations with the country. From the Ottoman Empire until today, from the 1979 Russian invasion to the Taliban era, Turkey has always been siding with the Afghans and has won their hearts. 

There is also the aspect of the evaluation from the angle of international strategies, and that would bring huge prestige to Ankara. Turkey may be increasing its standing inside the Western alliance with its stance. I can explain these justifications to you extensively anytime. 
We may make criticisms, but we cannot say, “We have no business there.”