Fed up with conspiracy theories

Fed up with conspiracy theories

One of our most sound and realistic politicians is Burhan Kuzu from the ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party). However, I can see that he is also caught in a trend.

That trend is to explain all doubtful death incidents in the past with conspiracy theories and to blame the deep state for them. The accusations are linked to those dark powers with many unknowns.

The death of former president Turgut Özal is being explained with the world’s funniest plot, which even children would not believe. Oh, Sir, he was poisoned by a person who served him cola that night. No, no, he was killed after being poisoned slowly over time.

Well, who are they?

The secret hands of the state.

Former Cabinet minister Adnan Kahveci’s traffic accident is also explained as if it were not simply because he entered the wrong side of the road by mistake and died, along with most of his family, after crashing into another vehicle. Instead, a foreign engineer who was working on the road construction intentionally assigned the traffic to the wrong side of the road (somehow he knew Adnan Kahveci was going to be driving there at that moment) and orchestrated the accident. Now, this engineer has fled to Venezuela. It was also the work of the deep state.

The plane crash that resulted in the death of Gendarmerie Commander Eşref Bitlis was also not an accident, they say, but it was an assassination planned by the deep state that wanted to block a solution to the Kurdish issue. Journalist Uğur Mumcu’s assassination, the catastrophic fire at the Madımak Hotel, the massacre at Başbağlar, the assassination of Bahtiyar Aydın, and the killing of Cem Ersever are all added to the list.

Those who get carried away can even claim that some newspaper headlines and columns were dictated by the deep state. There may be one or two examples found, but they are making total generalizations.

As you can understand, anything unresolved in the past is assigned to the deep state. When there are no concrete data, people tend to believe these “unknown powers” more. Then the issues become even more inextricable.

I, too, am a person who believes in the existence of the deep state. I am also a journalist who has been a victim of the deep state, one who has suffered a lot. However, there should be a reasonable dimension to everything. If we smother this country with conspiracy theories, then we cannot make it confront the truths.

Let’s not forget, conspiracy theories are the biggest narcotics of this region.

Bravo to Ali Sabancı
Ali Sabancı is a young person, aged 45-years-old.

He could have stayed in the Sabancı Group, not parted ways with it, not taken over Pegasus Airlines. He might have been richer and perhaps more comfortable. He did just the opposite, and instead introduced us to Pegasus.

In his first years, nobody believed him. It was thought to be only a dream that he would come to these days. However, once he laid his hands on the business we knew that we were facing a different airline. A serious, disciplined, innovative company was born whose price policies made everybody follow its footsteps.

His ordering of 100 planes worth $12 billion on Tuesday is a significant achievement not only for Pegasus, but also for Turkish civil aviation.

With a sprint, Pegasus has left behind other private airlines and demonstrated that it is in competition with national carrier Turkish Airlines.

Who else but Ali Sabancı are we going to congratulate?