European football body is totally astonished

European football body is totally astonished

After the Turkish Football Federation’s (TFF) recent decisions, I called the Union of European Football Association (UEFA). I talked with those people who monitor the developments closely. They are totally astonished. 

They asked me: “What do you draw from this? What does this mean?” 

On one hand, the translation of the verdicts is being done; on the other hand, the Turkish media is being reviewed thoroughly. 

For the moment, they are absolutely confused. They are not able to comprehend it. Even though they are aware that there is an attempt to water the issue down, a stance has not been developed yet.

However, the number of those who say that it is very difficult for the TFF decisions to be accepted is quite high. 

An official who compared our situation with previous examples said, “I guess, in the end, it would be us rolling up our sleeves. The decision that should have belonged to the TFF will be made by UEFA.” 

An observer who said they had struck a certain deal with the “Aydınlar Federation” but that now the situation has changed made this assumption, “If UEFA ignores this situation in Turkey, it will never be able to procure acceptance of its principles by anyone from now on.” 

How do we hold back the supporter now?

When Yıldırım Demirören transferred from being the head of a sports club, Beşiktaş (BJK), to being the head of the football federation, everybody applauded him saying, “Bravo. He made an excellent move.

Beşiktaş was collapsing. He is free of the responsibility now, and the new administration is accountable.”

The expectation was that Demirören would solve the match-fixing issue without pity on anyone and would make bold decisions without getting into a fight with UEFA

It didn’t happen.

The federation made such decisions that now the situation looks even more complicated. Total chaos has been created. It is a very good example of being the “oriental fox” in exactly our own style, it has contradicting elements, and it is wide open to all kinds of interpretation. 

Now, the sports arena is anxious for the matches ahead. 

Because there has not been any final decision made and because the issue is not closed, those supporters who believe that they have been treated unjustly are furious. They are taking to the streets. Can you imagine what points the cheers at Trabzon-Fenerbahçe or Galatasaray-Fenerbahçe matches can reach? 

Seeds of a major fight have been planted in the Super League. We risk the danger of supporters setting against each other. Is the TFF aware that it is playing with fire? 

Galatasaray supporters furious 

As you can easily imagine, the Galatasaray community is furious. They believe they have been subject to the biggest injustice. They are the ones who have demonstrated the fiercest reaction, anyway. 

They rebel against the fact that a club whose name was never involved in reports on match-fixing incidents is now being sent to the disciplinary committee. 

Both the club administration and the supporters are trying to find out what this means. They don’t even know what they are accused of. They believe that they have been sacrificed to water down the whole issue. 

The written warning sent to the TFF yesterday from Galatasaray is important to this point of view. 

The Galatasaray administration is warning, “If the club records losses because of these decisions made, then we will sue the entire TFF executive board to compensate for that loss.” 

They do not intend to give in to this situation at a time when the club is reaching toward the championship, but they do not know how to react either.