Eulogia for deceased ones

Eulogia for deceased ones

The most common habit in our paradise country is to appreciate one’s value only after their death. When they are alive, we drag them through the mud and let them languish in prisons. We do not listen to them, whatever they say. But when one dies, a series of eulogies and praises follow each other.
Likewise, the statements issued after the funeral of Şerafettin Elçi annoyed me a great deal. If you really recognized and attached importance to him and if he was such a respectable figure, why didn’t you take notice of him before? Why didn’t you implement his opinions? Are you trying to clear away the sins you committed when he was alive?

Only the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) members did not attend Elçi’s funeral. They disrespected a deceased person. I am sure they said “Elçi was a separatist. We must stay away from the funeral; our party’s grassroots may take it the wrong way and it might lead to a decrease in the number of votes.”
I cannot imagine a cheaper calculation than a political estimation that is made after a death. They showed concern for neither the death of Sırrı Sakık’s son nor Elçi. And the very same people say “the Kurds are trying to separate the country.”

No, it is not that as you think, sirs. Actually, you are the ones who are separating the country by excluding the Kurds.

Failure in the new road system

All my efforts to understand this matter resulted in vain. Why did road transportation, which normally functions in quite a successful and consistent way, fail at the bridge gates? And no one cares to explain it.

The card pass system (KGS) was implemented with great expectations and considered a reform. However, as days passed, it was seen that KGS made already troubled traffic even worse, let alone acting as a reform or improvement. And this time, the fast pass system (HGS) will replace the current system. We will try a brand new thing beginning Jan. 1.

So, don’t we have the right to ask such questions?

Why couldn’t you foresee that the KGS would cause heavier traffic? Why didn’t you come up with the idea of the HGS before? How much did all these changes cost?

We will, together, see the answers.

“Male chauvinism” still prevails among male politicians

As we can infer from Justice Minister Sadullah Ergin’s statements, “male chauvinism” is still dominant in the attitudes of our male politicians.

When it comes to discourse, they acclaim women with various compliments. They sing all kinds of praises, from “they are our sisters,” to “mothers are angels.” But the bare facts draw a rather different picture.

Here is the latest example of it: An article in the fourth judicial package suggests married women have the right to use their maiden names. When announced, it caused a great uproar among the cabinet members.

As a result, this article was withdrawn.

Well done!

At least, do not manipulate women with your lies; do not pretend to have such concerns with such games.

Also, an article that suggested abolishing article no. 301 of the Constitution and another suggesting taking legal action against civil servants with ECHR standards, were vetoed.
The state is again coming into prominence.

Where are the promises of the Justice and Development Party (AKP), who assured us it would put the state under the order of citizens?

When stationed in Ankara, even the most democratic-seeming figures turn into state-centric ones.