3x4 is not the end of the secular republic

3x4 is not the end of the secular republic

The secular segment has no information about this law (the so-called 4+4+4 education reform). On the other hand, the same segment has ever-increasing fears. They say, “Look, they have put their hidden agenda into action. What else would you expect from the Ak Parti?” 

I wonder if it is just that simple. I doubt whether the Ak Parti is, in fact, pursuing an ultra-pious generation, beyond a religious one, by means of this law. 

I consulted numerous education experts on what this law would bring and what it meant. They mentioned several technical problems. 

I could not get a proper answer from anybody. Everyone is showing one side of the coin. 
There is one absolute truth and that is that millions of families who believe that the old system was not adequate in teaching the kids their religion will be happy. But, to what extent they will be happy, they cannot know in advance. 

The secular segment, moreover, cannot calculate what this system will bring. Before the practice starts and before the first results are obtained, what is going to happen will not be known. 

Well, the fight is carried on with such uncertainties, old concepts and old judgments. 

The secular segment believes that the Ak Parti has made its last and killer blow. It is concerned, not knowingly, only because it is motivated by the mentality, “the AKP at best can only do that.” The general belief is that “Whatever the Ak Parti does, it is surely against Atatürk’s principles and the Republic.” 

When a political struggle is carried out this way, then we encounter what we are experiencing now. 
It is not a fight on content; it is a war of fronts. 

The Ak Parti is charging full force.

The CHP is making a successful trench-based defense, but they know that they don’t have the means to stop the law. 

Ten years after this, we will remember these days and we will see that Turkey has not become an Iran or a Saudi Arabia. After we have set off, you will see that we will again and again change the defective sections. After 20 years, we will again be playing with education. 

Neither the imam-hatip religious high schools nor the Quran courses scare me, be sure. They have to be there, in place. What scares me is the quality of education provided for the young generations. I am concerned whether or not this education will be able to enable my youth to compete in the technological-scientific world.

In any event, if we cannot achieve this, we will lose whether or not we have raised an ultra-pious generation. 

CHP shows teeth for the first time

The main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) is demonstrating the toughest and tit-for-tat opposition of recent times. Yes, we are talking about a fighting and battering opposition but when viewed from the organizational angle of the party, you hear those saying, “For the first time, we have recovered ourselves.” 

We have heard the same complaints up until now:

“The CHP cannot oppose. May the same opposition befall all my friends. Thanks to this opposition, the Ak Parti can move as it wishes to.” 

The CHP generally demonstrated its opposition at its group meetings on Tuesdays. The leader would take the floor, drag Erdoğan through the mud and then take his seat with applause. Also during the week, the mission would be accomplished again with a press conference or a speech at a rally. The Ak Parti, on the other hand, would not be a bit affected by this stance and would continue on its way. 

The 3X4 bill has also changed the CHP’s opposition style. It does not suffice anymore with statements on TV screens and newspapers. What is prioritized now is taking the opposition to the grassroots. 
This will be a test. 

They will not be able to stop the bill, but they will give the signal that the party is alive and that the headquarters have started working actively. 
This might be a new start for the CHP.