The path to psychopathy passes through animal torture

The path to psychopathy passes through animal torture

Social media images of two people who cut off the ears of puppies in the Central Anatolian town Isparta caused a public outcry. 

Unfortunately, this is not a unique or a new example of savagery. Reactions grew, and the perpetrators were caught and fined.  

There were reactions to the reactions in the social media. There were comparisons that would burn all circuits between the brain and the conscience such as, “Do you know what is being done to people; why don’t you take a look at them, too?” There are a lot of words to say to them but let me keep them to myself. 

Well, these kind of people should be jailed in such a way that they understand that what they have done is wrong and so that they would never think of doing it again. 

I have difficulty restricting my feelings as an animal lover and as a life-lover, but let me remind you of another aspect of this unfortunately widespread mercilessness.

Reports and studies have shown that a great extent of those who torture animals easily exert similar violence on people. 

There may be a factor that allows it to be more widespread here because most of them have not been punished or have only been lightly punished, but we do not have reports or documents. However, there are other instances of proof, research and reports from other countries. 

For example, among the most famous serial killers, some of them (Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer, Albert DeSalvo, etc.) have “practiced” since their childhood by torturing and killing animals. 

A significant portion of those students in the United States who raid schools and kill whoever comes into their path have a history of mistreating animals (burn them alive, have them killed by other animals, cut them to pieces); this is a proven fact. 

The results of a survey carried out among convicts in Italy were published in May 2016. In this survey conducted with 537 people who were convicted of various crimes, 87 percent of them were involved in the killing or mistreatment of animals when they were young. In their adulthood, 64 percent of them tortured animals. 

The results of the survey in prison were supported by the data collected in addiction rehabilitation centers and in centers to help violence victims. 

Criminals and those who have criminal tendencies have a past of violence against animals; moreover, it all starts at that point. This is not a new fact, this has been known for years. 

But there are new approaches and new searches for solutions. For instance, since the beginning of 2016, the FBI has started officially registering those who mistreat animals under their “potential criminal” data. Just like arsonists, just like sexual abusers, they are registered and monitored. 

As far as I know, they have some kind of a criminal record and their behavioral disorders are in records. Who would want to work with someone who tortures innocent animals?  

In this period, when we have sent wisdom and logic to far and far places, I know that what I have explained above will do no good to anyone. 

But, you know, let us note it, write it and keep it in mind…

I just want you to know that those who torture animals, those who tolerate abuses and those who minimize them are of no good to humanity…