Paper will win over a hatred-guided rock

Paper will win over a hatred-guided rock

Celal Korkut is a veteran journalist of Hürriyet. He has a golden heart. He is an appreciated figure at the paper.

Celal Korkut, who always does his job in a professional way and who loves sharing his experience with the younger generations, has shared on instagram a photograph that he took.

There is a pencil and a piece of a huge rock that was thrown by “those who came to visit” our newspaper in the night between Sunday and Monday.

The journalists or those who are familiar with photography will know better.

In certain situations, a familiar object is shown next to the object photographed so that those who take a look better perceive the dimension of the object matter.

Most of the time, the object can be a lighter, a cigarette package or a pencil.

While photographing the piece of rock together with the pencil, not only was he showing the dimension of the thrown rock (or let’s say, one of the thrown rocks), but he was also giving a message.

Pencil vs. rock...

* * *

It was one of the rocks thrown by some people holding sticks and led by Abdurrahim Boynukalın, the head of Justice and Development Party (AKP) youth branch who became a parliamentarian in the June 7 elections.

One of the rocks that I don’t believe and I don’t want to believe will be adored by anyone a part of the pro-government accounts, dubbed “AK Trolls” by the opposition, and the owners of those accounts employed as “journalists,” who are organizing lynching campaigns in their corners at newspapers and TV programs.

After I thanked friends who have called me after the incident, I just said “Celal Korkut has summed up our situation in one photograph.”

* * *

We are in those days when the soil is full of blood.

Those days when sorrows grow day by day.

Those days when the numbers of the martyrs who lose their lives in the bloody games played by power hungry figures cannot be determined and made public. 

Those days when the rehearsal is taking place, rehearsal of pushing some people out on the street,  saying “If we can’t find an enemy, let’s create one; it worked in the elections.”
Those days some think that people can be intimidated by fear and threats and violence; those days when there are efforts to erode the ground of democracy and the hope for the future.

Those days when a parliamentarian comes in front of Hürriyet building and delivers a speech, saying, “They will get the hell out after Nov. 1.”

* * *

Those rocks cannot frighten Hürriyet, which has resisted all pressure, attacks and threats for 67 years; they only show the fear of those who throw them.

Paper becomes newspapers; the news will reach the reader. Do you know the game, “Rock, Paper, Scissors?”
Paper wins over rock.