An Invitation to a lynch campaign

An Invitation to a lynch campaign

He is a media clown of the worst. I do not want to mention his name; you know who he is. (This is the implication of notorious singer who walked to fame with the popular TV show Survivor in 2011. He is known for his pro-government outbursts in social media. He received a fierce reaction when he posted a tweet after Özgecan’s saying, “You won’t scream out your lungs while wearing your miniskirt when when you are molested by perverts that have lost their morals because of the secular system”: Editor’s note)

He is the half-wit who wrote, in his social media message, that the cause of the latest atrocity was “the mini skirt and the secular system.”

In a sports program in which he appeared, he was remembered begging the commentators “But my dear brother, my dear brother…” trying to polish his crap.

He is the weasel of the entire country who is trying to build a protective shield for himself with “The love of Allah, the love of the prophet, the respect for the president…”

The aforementioned person has sung a song saying, “I will harass you if you are not mine; I will finish you if you don’t come to me.” He was able to sing this; some people have listened to it; were able to listen to it and like it.

He was invited to top state receptions; he was patted on the back in the VIP section; he campaigned for votes in programs in which he participated; he has not abandoned his “macho” language for a moment; he was able to construct his damned “young men cult…”

In his noteworthy defense on the screen, he apologized with the annotation, “If I has been understood in this way, then there is a smear campaign organized against me, there is a perception operation against me,” he said.

Because I was not able to express the sorrow and the spiritual darkness I was experiencing after the brutal murder of Özgecan Aslan, I stayed away from social media for a while.

It was not only this person that talked nonsense. There were others who tried unbelievably and unscrupulously to explain the incident through sects, those who tried to use all kinds of arguments so that “the party and the leader” is not smeared and those who come up with the most stupid solution suggestions, reheating them…

Then, after being told off on social media, they draw back to the same common defense line: “They are subjecting me to a smear campaign; friends and neighbors, come and save me…”

I have lived all my life without accepting violence in any field of life. I am against the lynching of these people no matter how much nonsense they talk.

But, there is a mentality that asks for them to be lynched, hanging them from the trees, far away from society and far away from children growing up.

Let me reiterate once more: it is not these people I mentioned above. What needs to be lynched is the mentality that fed them and raised them; the language and the style of raising a child should be lynched.

This system that does not raise a “human,” but only raises a “man,” should be lynched in the houses in the villages, in the modern housing complexes in the cities, in the offices and in the palaces. That school of thought that has no credibility left, the one of “let them be punished, Oh God, let them be punished…” should be lynched.

If there is lynching to be done; then here is a lynching campaign…

This crippled social structure should be hanged from a tree and stay there until it rots.

Read the messages from women where they share all the nightmares they have experienced all through their lives with the hashtag “#sendeanlat” (you tell your story too)…

Do not forget Özgecan; keep your anger, reaction and pain alive.

If you are looking for a road map, you will find it in the messages of “sendeanlat.”

Let’s not lynch people, let us lynch the foundations of this crappy mentality…