Egypt is surviving the change it created

Egypt is surviving the change it created

Freedom takes on a whole new dimension when you are without it. Social justice is vital for human harmony and coexistence. The best in human ability is essential for survival.

Egypt is surviving its own change. Within a handful of days, Egypt will mark the first anniversary of its rebirth. A year ago on Jan. 25, 2011, a new Egypt revealed itself to the world. The energy that sustained the amazing unfolding of events has gained even more energy. The revolution continues to be fueled and its ability to make a creative response will prevail. 

For a whole year, all Egyptians have suffered the turbulence of the revolution. The price, as most by now have invariably discovered, would be paid by all. Everyone in their own space and pace has been affected. More are consciously participating. Others will eventually join the circle, for the revolution will not reach its final destiny until Egyptians have all evolved.

It is no surprise that those who opposed the revolution – out of fear or arrogance – have positively reinforced and re-energized the others who bravely carried the first torches of light. Egyptians will continue to realize that we are all in this together; Egyptians are in one boat sailing a rough sea. The winds have changed and so has the charted destination. Now, we must adjust the course to reach the destination. As the changes in the political sphere start to manifest themselves, economic creativity will have to follow and be enhanced. As more Egyptians begin to accept and regain responsibility for their lives, together they will shape their new society. 

The seas are still rough, yet indications of some major breakthroughs are on the horizon. The last leg of the first year is already revealing extensive activity and evolving unity and wisdom. If one would only keep one’s eyes on the horizon and skip the tiny details, one would begin to sense the mood lifting. Setbacks must be expected and not feared, for the learning course is a spiral even though new ground is gained every day. The revolution is not over; celebrating without ensuring Egypt is moving closer toward its freedom, prosperity and social justice would be meaningless. The brave men and women who risked their being to ignite this will continue to see it through. They will continue to safeguard and lobby for the genuine change required. Egypt will celebrate its new awakened ability. As they peacefully demonstrate, brave Egyptians will celebrate their ability to withstand and persist. Their Egypt will ultimately prevail. 

Today, I see three telling actions that drive my cautious optimism. Behind the scenes, meetings seem to be fast and furious. The outcome of the persistent energies of the quieter yet moderate Egyptian voices is moving forward. The grand sheikh of al-Azhar has convened key representatives of the political and public spectrum and created consensus over a national “bill of freedoms” for all Egyptians.

Political alliances are quickly forming to counterbalance the power inside Parliament. As the elected members prepare to convene for their inaugural meeting on Jan. 23, intense deliberations to agree on the speaker and his two deputies are underway. To counterbalance the majority of the Muslim Brotherhood MPs, there are signals that almost all the rest of the parties are uniting to support a candidate and to secure the leadership of six main parliamentary committees. Last and certainly not least, as the ruling military leadership attempts to awkwardly improve its image, they decreed Jan. 25 a national day of the revolution. More major serious positive moves are expected in the week to come if any foreseeable resolution of this deteriorating relationship is indeed possible. 

In the meantime, the revolutionaries have been preparing their encore – peaceful yet more determined.

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