Building the new Egypt

Building the new Egypt

The responsibility to change the course of Egypt again falls on all Egyptians. Taking responsibility for creating a better future is a learning some might have acquired throughout the challenging few years of instability. It will be up to smaller groups of Egyptians to once more drive the building process of a new Egypt.

Away from the politics and the game of power, Egyptians would probably all agree they have had enough of living poorly with no outlook for a brighter future in sight. If there is one thing most would agree about, it is creating a better Egypt for all. Revolting against the status quo, revolting against the self-perpetuating destructive way of life Egyptians have endured and subscribed to for so many years is in reality what united many to rock the boat. The challenge now is to set the new course towards the Egypt, Egyptians would like to see. Approaching the end of three years in revolution, deeply engaged in transition, Egypt might seem still lost at sea. 

Not for long. Eventually, the political process following the Map of the future set forth will deliver a Constitution, a Parliament and a President for the second time around. Meanwhile, the interim government claims the economy is slowly recovering. For the millions of Egyptians who have patiently endured the increasing difficulties of their everyday life, this process alone might not deliver relief fast enough. So far Egyptians have demonstrated their amazing ability to take a stand against what they wish to change. It will take nothing less than a similar drive and ability to build that which they want. The only big difference will have to be the driving force.

So far, it has been the frustration, the anger, the misery, and the constant fear that has been the major drive to revolt and bring down the ruling power. To build, Egyptians must conjure up quite a different drive. The fuel required for the building phase will have to be driven by the forces of love, justice, compassion, beauty and hope. Making the difficult shift is not only necessary but actually beginning. On the ground, thousands of small groups have begun their journey to extend their knowledge, resources, and lend themselves to sowing the seeds of a new Egypt. More Egyptians will have to join these efforts, each in their own capacity, to make the difference. As the circles grow, their effort will show.

Two major responsibilities fall upon the shoulders of all Egyptians. Their ability to respond and organize the required task of monitoring and evaluating local government, and holding their elected representatives to task in addition to creating and engaging in meaningful, productive and effective activity. The political process might be taking center stage for now yet it is the people of Egypt who will have to ensure that they drive the politics and are not driven by it. 

The way forward will have to become a solid partnership between responsible, accountable and transparent governing bodies, and a population that is socially responsible, highly productive, and creatively enterprising. Not many would disagree, that a majority of Egyptians might be a far cry away from creating this building formula yet. It will be however, up to the smaller groups of enlightened and privileged Egyptians to lead the way, set the course and lend a hand to more of their fellow Egyptians.