Space menu and Turkish houses

Space menu and Turkish houses

This is my service to my state and to my nation. I have practical solutions to two current issues: I want to convey my recommendations and very valuable views to the people of this country. There is nothing left to lose.

The general manager of Turkish Airlines recently changed. The former top executive Temel Kotil now has a different position. He is now the general manager of the Turkish Aerospace Industries, Inc. 

I really don’t know where Turkey stands in the space field. I never wanted to be an astronaut when I was a child; I always wanted to be an actress. Of course, the camera adds at least 5 kilos to a person, while in space there is no gravity so you weigh about 35 kilos; but when you are a child you don’t consider these things. 

The thing is, Turkey has only had one local news story about space in recent years: The meteor pieces that villagers in the eastern province of Bingöl sold to Russians in U.S. dollars. Kotil may be able to change this.

 You know how he has made Turkish Airlines progress, now it seems likely that there will be space shuttle trips serving the most delicious menus. While the astronauts are fed with spiced rice rolled in grape leaves and cold eggplant entree with onions and garlic, they would not want to come back home. They will report, “Houston, we have a problem,” and make up excuses such as “the engine does not start; the motor is choked; we will need to stay here a while…”

On the other hand, if the pattern in the Turkish Airlines is going to be repeated in space, then our very first space shuttle will be launched with the usual countdown of 10,…9….8…, but it is possible that it will only start moving at minus 2.754. After all, if you attempt to schedule a return flight the same day to Mercury and Pluto and every other planet in one hour, there will inevitably be delays…

Mass housing projects 

Real estate is also a sector I am interested in. Whoever doesn’t like to talk about where a house has been sold and at what price is not a real Turk. The construction sector is the most active field in the country, but you certainly need to be careful making certain references to it. 

Pay attention to phrases such as, “45 minutes to the airport, 30 minutes to the bridge.” You have to search and learn precisely which airport and which bridge. When you imagine that you will be living in the plush Nişantaşı neighborhood of Istanbul, the building might actually be situated 45 minutes from Bursa’s Yenişehir Airport. The expression “5 minutes to downtown” may not refer to Istanbul’s downtown, but the center of the animal husbandry sector, for example. You may need to drive two hours on clear roads just to reach Taksim. 

If they promise a sea view, don’t forget to ask “which sea?” It may be either the Marmara Sea or the Black Sea, because in the eyes of realtors, the Bosphorus is only some kind of river. 

Now let’s move on to math. In the construction sector, 1+1 equals 1 because in the central areas of big cities, 1+1 apartments actually consist of dividing the living room into two small rooms. If a 1.5-person bed fits into one room and a small couch and coffee table fits into the other “living room,” you are fine. Don’t look for a kitchen, as the kitchen is the sink next to the couch.  

If they say the metro is “within walking distance,” that depends on your walking performance in the gym. The metro station will never be 50 meters to your building. Go to the roof of the nearest mall, about 500 meters from your home, when you see the skyscrapers at a distance: That is where you will see the nearest metro station. “Walking distance” for them means the 10,000 steps you should walk every day to stay healthy. If you walk to and from the metro station every day, it would amount to 20,000 steps, so why are you sulking?