Who is the rifle message addressed to?

Who is the rifle message addressed to?

I am not surprised at all because I was expecting it, because this was the tendency.

The president has ordered that this year’s Aug. 30 ceremonies be celebrated in a spectacular way. From what I understand, obeying the command of the chief commander, the general chief of staff began preparations for an official parade of soldiers carrying rifles. 

I was not surprised at all. A will which constructed a palace mightier than the Kremlin and openly declared that the regime has been changed de facto would have asked for military splendor parallel to this. 

I had no objection to such ceremonies in the past. I don’t have any today either. But they had their objections. That’s why I am asking, as I am curious about it. Only in the recent past were these glorious military parades seen as the fanfare of single-party rule. Why are they going back to these parades?  What was it that necessitated it today?

But the most important question is this:

What is the address of this message of this glorious parade of soldiers carrying rifles? 

-Will we say to the dismembered Syria, “We will come and crush you?”

-Will we warn Russia?

-Will we tell Greece, which cannot stand on its feet because of the economic crisis, to be careful?


Will this be a message to those who are not happy with the current state of affairs, those who objected to the presidential system and rejected it with their votes?

In short, where is this instruction for splendor, this anxiousness to show off, this tendency for exaggerated celebration coming from? Are you mumbling something to those outside or are you grumbling to us and trying to imply something?

Ballistic missiles in the parade?

I am also curious about another issue, because it is customary for glorious parades. Soldiers are not enough in such parades; you need to have gun carriages and missiles parading as well. And you need to have F-16s fly above.

This is how it was done by (former Iraqi leader) Saddam Hussein. (Former Romanian Leader) Nicolae Ceausescu, (former Libyan leader) Muammar Gaddafi, Bashar al-Assad (of Syria), Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak and (former Russian leader) Joseph Stalin were very fond of such ceremonies.

I am asking with pure innocence.

Are we going to celebrate the victory won by heroic commanders, heroic soldiers and the heroic nation of the great offensive (the war of liberation)?

Or will the sound of the soldiers’ boots represent the ceremony of a regime change?

When even the deepest wound gets heeled

I had the longest holiday of my life, but I could not enjoy it, not when the constitution was violated, when all the fair play of politics was ignored.

The votes of the people were disregarded, the parliament dissolved. How can you enjoy it if you live in a country where people don’t even greet each other on the street?

In such times, you find solace in small happiness. 

I discovered a song....

Despite all the efforts that are spent to polarize society, despite all the efforts to damage the love for the republic, they will not succeed. In our most desperate moments, we will sing that song.

We will start by saying of course…

“If the sun comes down each night and rises up again each new day...

If the flowers blooms after they fade again and again...

If the deepest wounds get healed...

If the biggest pains are forgotten…

Tell me why to be afraid of life...”

Isn’t that right? Why should one be afraid; from whom, from which wolves?

This will be my song of the Nov. 1 election.