We are ready to forget if you are

We are ready to forget if you are

Mr. President said, during a fast-breaking (iftar) dinner which he transformed into a political one, “We need a coalition that should deal with today’s problems, not with the debates of the past.” 

When I heard this, I started thinking and asking whether it was him or somebody else who had spent the past seven years scratching and looking for convenient material in the past. For instance, they would open the file on Dersim, which happened some 100 years ago, and interpret it according to their own perception. They would trash İsmet İnönü but spare Celal Bayar, because it suited their book. 

You would even call the founders of the republic, I’m very sorry to say, “drunkards.”

You would embrace the biggest lies of the past after 80 or 90 years, exploit them and misuse them, but when it comes to the most recent Silivri oppressions, or the Dec. 17 and 25, 2013, operations, you would say, “Let us forget, let us look ahead.” 

Yes, let us look ahead. We would be able to forget, but how will you? 

Now, in this holy month of Ramadan, with your fasting soul, please tell us how you will reset your memory, the one that contains endless revenge. Have you given up on your program to raise “a pious and revengeful generation?” 

Are we going back to generations that sought being a contemporary person, to live a good life instead of pursuing their revenge? 

Is that foreign policy abandoned, the one that was totally the product of personal ambitions and created 30 years of more evil for Turkey? 

Will the masked dictatorship ambition called the presidential system be completely finished? 

If you say you are ready, then this nation will also forget. A new page will be turned and we will unite as one nation again and look to the future in hope. 

Two countries 

They are both Muslims, but look at the difference between them. 

Both are Muslims, both of them have pocketed state money, have given bribes, both are the ruling party. They have created a small interest gang and companies serving them. Both have been caught by police red-handed. 

One is being tried in Iran. Their parliament is on it, has researched it and revealed the ties. The guy was taken to court with a death sentence. 

In the other case, the police who caught him have been caught. The ruling party in parliament raised their hands to clear him. 

The one in Iran will appear in court; a 200,000-page indictment has been prepared. Here, the other one is decorated with medals in ceremonies with the participation of cabinet ministers. 

The one there is fighting for his life; he would be happy if he is given a life sentence. The one here is enjoying life on mega yachts. 

Two men, both Muslims. One is named Babak Zanjani, the other Reza Zarrab. 

Two states, one is Iran, the other is Turkey. Two states whose citizens are predominantly Muslim. And two governments. Which one do you think is white and which one is black? Pitch black?