Video of the thinnest line between life and death

Video of the thinnest line between life and death

The line between life and death looks as if it was thinner than we imagined. I am watching that video. It shows the courtyard of a cemevi, the place of worship for Alevis.

People are passing by, walking on their routes. In other words, they are in their normal routines. Then one person among them falls onto the ground. A slight move to one side, an involuntary movement of the arm…

And then, there is motionlessness that will never end… An endless silence.

I have watched the video of Uğur Kurt’s killing at the cemevi court over and over. You know, there is a song that says the bullet does not ask for an address.

Just like that… This one did not ask for an address either, because it knew only too well where it was going.

We are living in a polarized Turkey. The atmosphere is lying in an ambush like a sniper; it is as self-assured as a sniper.

Hearts are sharpshooters; they have been turned into an ember ready to explode, fueled by uninhibited speeches. The atmosphere points and shoots.

It hits society in the heart, the most vital place, at its most vulnerable point.

The bullets do not ask for address... They go and shoot the citizen at the courtyard and also the young policeman there following orders.

We know; he will not even wait for the funeral. Again, he will make up excuses. Even though he will hear what he is saying, his conscience will not work. Again he will show a target.

Again, he will slander and utter lies. Even if he does not believe his own lies, he will make others believe them…

Certain media will, again, divert the attention.

That certain media, again, even if they remember that the person who died was a “citizen of the Republic of Turkey,” will immediately be reset. 

They will say “Okmeydanı.” The lowest ones will say “Alevi.”

And you, in your mightiest positions, will claim you are ruling this society.

Its economy was merciless. Its administration was more than merciless...

Who is this Uğur Kurt

I first heard his name the other evening. Most probably the entire Turkey heard his name together with me except for his friends, neighborhood, parents and acquaintances…

We only know him through the video where he silently falls onto the ground and also through a picture of him holding his child with his wife right beside him. It was taken while he was celebrating the championship of Fenerbahçe, wearing the uniform of his team, like a very ordinary citizen.

Look carefully at these photos. Does he look like a terrorist? Is he any different than you and me, the people we know? From any ordinary Turk, any Kurd? From a Sunni, from an Alevi? 

From a Christian, Jew, Armenian, Greek?

He is one of us. One of all of us.

Hey, do you need any other information for one single prayer, for a few tears?

Doesn’t this citizen of yours deserve a few of the teardrops you have abundantly been shedding for Rabia?

When religious sects are involved, are there mitigating matters in killing?

My poor country…

With this disgusting polarization policy, while you are ossifying your own side, you are also fossilizing your hearts.

Better note that this frenzy will not end well…

A call to the Rabia hotline 

I am calling out to the Turkish Foreign Affairs Ministry.

I am calling out to the esteemed “guardians of advanced democracy” who have condemned the military coup in Egypt with such passion, as if it were staged in Turkey, who have made the “Rabia” sign the décor of the Justice and Development Party (AKP) parliamentary group meetings: Have you heard it?

There was a military coup in Thailand. The elected prime minister has been toppled. Just like in Egypt.

Now, we are waiting for a colossal reaction from you.

Now, we expect a “Rabia” sign from you for Thailand. During the presidential election, all rallies should echo “Thailand, Thailand.”

This is the day to defend the world’s democracy. The world does not have any more courageous democrats but you. Come on my lions, go to the town squares…