The AKP disagrees with the Turkish people, not the CHP

The AKP disagrees with the Turkish people, not the CHP

The Justice and Development Party (AKP) wing has announced, “We were not able to reach an agreement with the Republican People’s Party (CHP) on three topics.” 

As a citizen, I probed into these three topics: 

They were not able to agree on Syrian policies. The CHP wants this policy to change, the AKP insists on not changing it. As a citizen, I do not understand this a bit. All the surveys I have seen up to today tell us that at least 70 percent of Turkey’s population is against the Syrian policy. The social and economic wreckage and the damage this policy has created for our country and for the region is evident. You guys are not “not reaching an agreement with the CHP,” you are not able to reach an agreement with the Turkish people. 
The second topic of disagreement is the presidential system. The CHP opposes this system and they want the president to withdraw to constitutional borders. The AKP is against this. 

Again, I do not understand. These people, only two months ago, said, “We do not want a presidential system,” at the ballot box, didn’t they? Wasn’t it Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu who confessed it personally himself? What is this insistence? You guys can’t reach a deal with the Turkish people, not the CHP.

Their third matter was the Dec. 17 and 25, 2013, operations. My citizen mind again does not grasp it. Do the Turkish people want corruption claims to be covered? So, does the AKP favor the covering of corruption claims? Again, it is the Turkish people you do not agree with, not the CHP. 

Did you see life in Damascus and Aleppo? 

A very reliable source concerning the Middle East, Fehim Taştekin, visited Syria and wrote about it. I have read with interest the serial on “The other side of Syria” by Taştekin in daily Hürriyet. How life was in Damascus, in Aleppo and how people were living under the current regime were conveyed to us in a good journalistic approach. 
For the last three years, we have seen Syria through the lenses of Turkey’s failed and wrong policies. Here, there was a different Syria presented to us.  

Thanks, Fehim Taştekin... Thanks, Sedat Ergin... Thanks daily Hürriyet... You have shown us that journalism is still present in this country.

Caught red-handed 

No, you cannot continue with your lives as if nothing has happened. What you did was the lowest, the most disgusting plot of the interim regime. 

You directly prepared a conspiracy against a member of this country’s elected parliament. You defamed that person with incredible slander as to have prepared an assassination of the daughter of this country’s president. 

For months, you have been underlining the conspiracies others have staged. Now, here is even a bigger, a lower one… And you have been caught red-handed. 

The tweets you based all your slander on have been proven fake.

This means you fabricated them. You lynched that person for days in your headlines. Moreover, you did it during the election campaign. 

Now, you cannot just rest back and keep quiet. If the justice system of this country is cracking down on an organization called the “parallel,” then “this parallel” should also be probed. 

I am asking: Which parallel pro-government gang produced these fake tweets? Who served them to the pro-government media? Was this group of pro-government media a conspirator in this plot or not? Were they tricked by this “parallel pool?” 

We will ask these…

I also have a reproach to daily Hürriyet. The biggest and lowest “plot” of recent history has been solved. It was exposed by the office of the prosecutor. But my paper has hidden this story in its inner pages. 

I was sad.