Ready for slander and money business

Ready for slander and money business

It is a rule in Turkish politics. If a politician has nothing new to say, they start shooting the media with the ammunition left; they use their last bullet. 

I, personally, was ready. I was waiting for this dirty trick, this rush of slander… 

So many newspapers, television channels, many more websites, a flock of trolls… They have guaranteed the support of the government; they have turned into one-party era publications, a merciless, slandering army coming at us with lies, monkey business, slanders and insults.

Such a lynching campaign has not been seen in the history of Turkish press. Even the Sept. 12 military regime was more merciful than they are. Now, I have a few words to say to this “media army.” 

Again, you have brought up an old lie, crying on your headlines, “They have said he cannot even be the head of a village…”

Do not distort it. Cut out the monkey business. 

You know very well what the reality is but because you have received instructions from the top, you are becoming your master’s voice. 

You know extremely well that he was stripped of his right to be elected even as a head of village or a neighborhood. It was not us who said this. It was the law and judiciary who dictated this. 

Because of the sentences he was given, according to the law at that time, he was stripped of many rights, including the right to be elected as headman of a village. 

You know very well how Erdoğan has been elected. Let me explain to you once more the things you already know very well.

You, the person who has been promoted from supporter of the government to being fed by the government; you very well know that Erdoğan was not able to run for office in the 2002 elections because he was stripped of his right to be elected - even as a headman. 

You know very well that there was a constitutional amendment just to give his political rights back. You know very well former CHP leader Deniz Baykal displayed a huge democratic maturity and political fair play, by supporting that constitutional amendment. You know very well that Doğan Group newspapers supported that constitutional amendment. 

You know very well that President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan was able to become the prime minister of the Justice and Development Party (AKP) government, thanks to his opponents’ respect of democracy, as well as their senses of justice and their support. 

It was only yesterday that this happened; do not attempt to distort history.

Why does the one-party propaganda machine attack us? 

If a journalist accepts the position of “crew on the presidential or prime minister’s plane” and does not ask questions; if they print the clerk’s official minutes they have chosen, without making any changes to it…

If an editor-in-chief puts the same headline together with nine other newspapers, with an instruction from the party propaganda center…

If a media boss does not question why the newspapers he has invested loads of money in are lagging behind, why sales are low… 

If the one-man in the palace does not tell the media bosses who support him that, even though he has supported them with pool-load of money, “Look, we have given you whatever you need. Why can’t you make a proper newspaper?” 

Then, of course, all of their eyes turn to the successful media group. This is the reason of the lynching campaign against us. 

Add them all together; they would not make one single daily Hürriyet or one single daily Posta. 

Here this lynching campaign is this helplessness transformed into envy.