Probing AKP deputies’ genuine thoughts

Probing AKP deputies’ genuine thoughts

I wonder, if we were in a very comfortable setting and if we had a relaxed environment with the deputies of the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP), preferably, when they would not be feeling the pressure of the “Palace” on them…   

In that setting, I would like to ask this to them: “Hey, what do you think about Turkey’s Syria policies?” I would also ask, “From your constituency, what do your voters think about the people who have taken shelter in us because of our Syrian politics?”

There is another question yet, “Do you find it appropriate that Turkey pokes its nose so much into Egypt’s internal affairs?”

I wonder what their genuine answers would be…

Let me tell you. The replies you would get from them would be at least 70 to 80 percent this: “Our Syrian policy has been wrong since the beginning. My constituency has a lot of complaints. It is wrong that we poke our nose into Egypt’s affairs and be at odds with them.”

Let me write it openly: The Syria and Egypt policies do not belong to the AKP; they belong to President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. 

In the same relaxed environment, I would like to ask this also to the same deputies: “Friend, what do you think about the shoe boxes at homes, money cases in bedrooms, watches on wrists, hundreds of thousands in the pockets of suits and those things that cannot be zeroed?” 

Another question would be, “Do you think these four cabinet ministers should have been sent to the Supreme Council?”

I am sure the answer would be “I am very uncomfortable.”

Again, I am sure they would want these four cabinet ministers to be sent to the Supreme Council. Let me write it openly. The vote in parliament is not the will of the AKP deputies; it is the will of the palace. 

If you ask me what the name of this is, I will tell you it is a Middle Eastern-style presidential system. 

Deputies of the President? 

Imagine a country… One where the constitution is de facto suspended; instead of it, a powerful man’s “constitutions of what comes out of his lips” has been de facto put into effect. There is no constitution in effect.

When the constitution is removed, then another will forms over the parliament; the will and the command of the deputies are taken under control. When this happens, the capacities of the deputies also change. When their capacities change, their constituencies lose all their meaning. 

As a result, the deputies are no longer deputies of the nation; they are deputies of the president.

Now, direct suffrage has been given up; moreover, even the practice of the selection of deputies through elections has been given up. Now, the nation will elect the president, then he will appoint the deputies he wants, and then the voter only needs to cast their ballot to approve the deputies appointed by the Palace. 
Now is the era of the appointed deputies. 

Now, the police, justice, execution, autonomous institutions and tenders are all under his control.

According to the constitution of “whatever comes out of those two lips” which is in effect, there is only one constituency in the country now; the first constituency of the Palace of the President. 

Can you imagine such a system for Turkey in the 21st century? Imagining is a wonderful word. This can only be the darkest of dark nightmares. Thank god, we do not have such a problem. 

Hate and love at 50 percent 

Is love more powerful than hate? Actually, hate is a more effective, more destructive power than love. 

Deputy Prime Minister Bülent Arınç is a sincere politician who does not console his conscience in the bad habits of politics that are passed on as reality. He has summarized the situation of Turkey and the AKP beautifully when he said, “Fifty percent of the people love us; the other 50 percent hate us.” His message was clear: “It cannot continue assuch…”

Can the AKP continue to live with the hate of half of the population? 

Truthfully, the other 50 percent does not hate the AKP; we know who and what they hate. There is no need to mention the name and get in trouble. 

But, as I said above, just as the Syria and Egypt policies do not belong to the AKP, the reason for the hate is also not the AKP…

The issue is the AKP may again get enough votes to form the government in this election. But will it be able to continue living as the object of hate of 50 percent of the people? No leader or party can live with this huge hatred and rage from half of the population.  

Even if he can live with himself, society cannot.