Another victim of telekinesis?

Another victim of telekinesis?

Everyone was asking: “Why did you fly the flag of Kurdistan at the Turkish Prime Ministry when Barzani visited Turkey?”

The answer came from one of the most fiery government-sided newspaper columnists: Fuat Uğur.

He was speaking with “Kürdistan 24,” a television channel in North Iraq.

Look at what he said about the Kurdistan flag flown at the airport in Istanbul and the Prime Ministry in Ankara, back in February 2017:

- “Kurdistan is a country that needs to be independent. It is also stated as an autonomous region with its own parliament, president and prime minister by the Iraqi and national government’s constitutions.”

- “I see that Turkey is also coming closer to this in manner, step by step.”

- “The flying of the flag of Kurdistan must be the first step in its recognition. Because according to me, the republic of Kurdistan, which we define as North Iraq, is like an independent government and we are already behaving accordingly.”

He left the most striking sentence to the end:

- “Those who are against welcoming the Kurdish President Barzani in Turkey and flying the flag of Kurdistan are the actual enemies of the Kurds.”

So why is the government now blasting the Iraqi Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) when it flies the flag of Kurdistan in Turkey when Barzani comes?

I believe this person was also a victim of telekinesis

Uğur placed three concepts in three sentences.

He called it an “independent government,” the “Kurdistan republic” and to those who are against this independence, “enemies of the Kurds.”

Forget the referendum, even before it “he recognized the independent republic of Kurdistan.”

Now, do not get angry with this person after reading what I have written above.

I believe he was the “second victim of telekinesis” after a key presidential adviser.

He was not the one who spoke on the television channel Kürdistan 24.

They raided his brain by telekinesis and made him speak this way.

I know him.

He is absolutely not someone who would speak such nonsense. Whatever the government says, he writes.

Instead, you should consider who that telekinetic higher mind is who made him say these things.

 If one day, the Mavi Marmara ship approaches the Mersin Harbor

Supporters of the leadership have stood up.

They are talking about a food embargo on North Iraq. This means they will come together with Iraq, Iran and Syria.
They will not give a drop of water or a piece of bread. In this case, they will force them to change their mind about their desire for independence.

When so many embargos were laid on Palestine, did the people of Palestine give up?

Tomorrow, if another country’s Humanitarian Relief Foundation (İHH) fills humanitarian aid on another Mavi Marmara ship and approaches the Mersin Harbor in the south and if they say, “Leave us, we are bringing humanitarian aid to the hungry Kurds,” what will you do? Will you do like Israel and shoot and bomb them?

Let’s speak logically, sympathetically and realistically.

Let’s talk about things that can actually be done.S

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