Non-tolerance is bad for innovation

Non-tolerance is bad for innovation

When people ask me about the major advantages and problems of Turkey, I answer to the best of my ability. I say that the young population that is very eager for new technologies and innovation is a very big plus. I say that the increase in young people who have graduated from universities is an advantage. I say that the increasing number of entrepreneurs is magnificent. 

Coming to the problems, I say that compared to other countries of our socio-economic level, we are doing worse than average. I say that the quality of education is lower than should be. I say that government tenders are very foggy. I say that big technology firms still don’t invest in Turkey, not because we don’t give incentives, but because we cannot produce high-end technologies. 

Alas, I was very wrong. Thanks to our prime minister, I learned that the biggest problem that we face is actually young people of the opposite sex living together. I really thank him, as this amazing insight now makes everything very clear. Now, I know why we cannot lead the world of technology. Now I really realize why we can never ever be a country that will be free of foreign domination in all technological fields. It is clear to me why the brain drain from Turkey to other countries will never end.
After the prime minister’s claims, Adana governor made a speech where he said that the prime minister’s words were a call to action to him and that he will crack down on people of the opposite sex people living. It is very clear that the governor of Adana thinks that our prime minister is a sultan, totally forgetting that we are living in a democratic society. 

But let’s put that aside for now. 

We must say what is very obvious: We are a non-tolerant society that would crack down on people with the full power of the state just because they think and live differently than what the government thinks is best for its citizens. 

It is scientifically proven that countries with this profile will never be able to create any type of innovation because tolerance along with talent and technology is a vital ingredient for innovation. 

My hopes are getting dimmer every week. Four years ago, Turks were coming back from their well-paid jobs to work overseas because they believed that Turkey had become freer and more sustainable. Now everyone is thinking about going back. 

We will see a big brain drain in the coming years because of this non-tolerant and obsessive attitude from the government. 

I don’t know if they care about it, but Turkey will lose big in technology research and innovation yet again.