Let the show begin

Let the show begin

The world famous Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas (CES) has started. From the first day on, it showed that 2014 is going to be a very different year. If everything goes as the technology firms promise us, then we will have a year that we will be like living in a science fiction movie. The wearable technologies are here to stay. Especially Star Trek-like wrist watches Razer Nabu, for example, a device that combines a smartwatch with a fitness tracker, tracking your exercise while it updates you on incoming e-mails and tweets. Aside from watches, everything will have its own application, even our beds and toothbrushes. Sensors keep tabs on a person’s entire body to see how restful their night is, while another function lets a disturbed partner gently move their snoring bedmate to help hush them.

According to BBC Kolibree’s “connected,” a new toothbrush promises to monitor how well someone brushes their teeth, transmitting data back to a smartphone or tablet app. Its makers say it’s a great way to make sure everyone in the family is properly taking care of their oral health.

You have probably heard about 3D printers before, but not like the latest revealed and the CES. They can literally print any type of sweet that you can imagine, be it a chocolate bar or a gummy bear. Sweets are created by spreading a fine layer of the flavored sugar, and then painting water on top using a jet print head to turn the substance into hardened crystals. Remember the automatic food dispensers aboard the Enterprise?

The only news about a Turkish firm is about Turkcell’s so far. Liquipel, LLC, the industry leader in WaterSafe technology for electronic devices, announced its partnership with Turkcell, the largest carrier in Turkey. The pilot program will offer Liquipel’s WaterSafe treatment throughout Turkcell and KVK stores in Istanbul. Eventually, customers purchasing Liquipel will be able to have their personal electronic devices such as iPhones, Samsung Galaxy devices, Blackberrys, HTCs, iPads and numerous other tablets, iPods and various MP3 players treated throughout the country. Using the latest advancements in molecular bonding, Liquipel’s award-winning WaterSafe™ process creates a super-hydrophobic nano coating that becomes part of the device.

Meanwhile, chip-maker Nvidia has announced a new processor destined for mobile devices, which it says will offer better graphics than the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

As I said at the beginning of the article, prepare for a year in which you will be amazed.