Every company will become a software company

Every company will become a software company

Yesterday there was a long queue of expensive cars trying to enter the Haliç Congress Center as Turkcell had its “Technology Summit” in the premises.  It is a very popular event in the technology world. People want to be present to network as much as they want to hear about what’s going on in the tech world. Vodafone and Turk Telekom also have their own technology day as the independent organizations cannot spark the same level of enthusiasm in the general public and the industry. 

The hashtag that Turkcell used was #turkcellteknolojizirvesi. It did not become a trending topic as far as I could tell but Vodafone took a preemptive measure and promoted the hashtag #gundegilhergun, which was seen at the top of the trending topic list. It is a very good point for Vodafone’s social media team and agency. 

There were many interesting presentations in the summit. Turkcell CEO Kaan Terzioğlu told us that from now on, Turkcell will be a provider of “experiences,” not technology. 

The headline of the article is from Mark Andreesen, who is the founder of Netscape. He said exactly this: “Software will eat the world, in all sectors. Companies need to adapt or they will become extinct. In the future, every company will become a software company.” 

I agree with him. 

The only exceptions can be farms or people who earn a living with any kind of hand craft who want to take themselves off the grid. 

If anyone would like to grow outside his or her neighborhood, he or she will have to use technology at some point and will have to become a software company somewhere along the line. 

So if we would like to enjoy the spoils of capitalism, there is no way to not learn about coding. 

Even though I believe that the next era of disruptions will come from chemistry and bio-engineering, I still root for coding. Because a chemist who can code will achieve his or hers goals much faster than the one who doesn’t use virtual labs.