The race for 2019 starts now

The race for 2019 starts now

We have had a cool June in Turkey. But get ready for the summer heat. It looks like we will be feeling the summer heat in July and August, as the tension in politics continues to rise. 

We will be talking about the “Justice March” of the main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) from Ankara to Istanbul throughout the summer. The ruling Justice and Development Party’s (AKP) counter-strategy against the march has not yet been clarified, but some steps will doubtless soon be taken.

On the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) front, following the recent cancellation of the dissidents’ party congress I do not expect the intra-party opposition to be going away on holiday.

In the meantime, the CHP will also be holding its own party congress, also on provincial levels.

So be ready for a very hot summer. And with the end of summer, the race for the local elections will start ahead of municipal elections scheduled for March 2019.

There are rumors that the local election may be brought forward. I do not know. But I can say that this time the election race will be more difficult, with all eyes being turned to the big cities. 
Importance of promotion 

I was recently in the popular Aegean resort town of Bodrum.

Great crowds flock to holiday resorts in places like Bodrum once the schools go on holiday.

When I was there Bodrum was crowded, but it was overwhelmingly full of local tourists. There were some foreigners but I did not see the usual picture that I have long been familiar with in Bodrum. This is in line with the sharp decline in foreign tourists visiting Turkey in recent months.

Turkey clearly needs to speed up its promotion campaign to woo foreign tourists. 

This country has many attractive new facilities, as well as unique natural beauties. We need to prolong the season in our holiday resorts, taking advantage of our strongest themes of art, culture and gastronomy. After all it is not just sun and sand in Turkey.

Concrete in Trabzon

While on the subject of tourism, I have to mention the Black Sea province of Trabzon. I have visited Trabzon many times in the past, but on each return I am shocked, unable to recognize the city I like so much.

The same can be said for the entire Black Sea region. There are so many construction projects in the region, covering its natural beauty in concrete. Sadly, I guessed the Black Sea would end up like this as long as 15 years ago.

After all, we in Turkey love constructing skyscrapers in our most beautiful valleys. It is deeply saddening that we really do not understand our most precious assets.
Saying farewell to a symbol of Istanbul nightlife

Was there any better nightspot than Şamdan in Istanbul?

Şamdan was once one of the most important entertainment addresses in the city. It is today looked back on with great fondness and nostalgia

Sadly, we recently lost its founder, Mehmet Tuna.

Tuna was a man I am happy to say I have met. May he rest in peace.