Candidate lists cannot please everyone

Candidate lists cannot please everyone

Every political party has its unique internal power balance. Some consider their performance within the party, some look at what they can bring to the party, and some consider public expectations; whereas some have tried to come up with the lists by thinking of the different balances.

No one seems to be quite content with the lists. I deem all these reproaches to be natural because I have never witnessed a candidate list that has been able to please everyone. I do not think it will happen from now on either.

There are different strategies in every election. We know the schedule is very tight for the June 24 snap elections. Thus, the disappointments, criticisms, and comments should be saved for the evening of June 24. Until that day, instead of criticizing the lists, the branches of the parties will make every effort to achieve the best results.

I want to remind you, every election can only be won on the field. That’s why dynamic and strong political parties, who are aware of public expectations, will be lucky in this election as always.

We must accept that politics is all about the power struggle. I am among those who first followed Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım’s candidacy for MP, followed by his candidacy for Istanbul mayor, and then his candidacy again for MP for the Aegean province of İzmir. He often makes jokes about those courses.

“Since you had not elected me for mayor, I have become the Prime Minister,” he has said.

Yıldırım is among the people in Turkey who know the DNA of politics best. He has worked at every level of the party and can read what goes on in the streets as well. Thus, he is the trump card for the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) in the elections.

Different names were expected on the lists from the main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP). Moreover, it was thought that the lists could be strengthened with a few well-known people in İzmir and that female candidates would take the first two rows on the lists as they had done before. Both turned out to be wrong.

People who have been active in the ranks of the party were on the list, but we will see whether or not they are elected in the results. In summary, the public opinion had higher expectations from the CHP.

Good (İYİ) Party supporters seem to be content with their candidate lists. It is a newly founded party and it is normal for criticisms to occur less among organizations that have newly been institutionalized.

This is what I realized when I looked at the lists. There are very few new names, and few women and young candidates. To be precise, there are some women and young candidates but only a small number of them have been able to obtain higher places on the lists to be elected.

Political party leaders should not confine themselves to people who have applied to be nominated for Parliament. Based on their strategies, they should follow some names, stay in close contact with them, and invite them to the party when needed.

Otherwise, it is not possible to nominate new names under the current law for political parties and their current organizational structure.

I think it is the responsibility of party leaders and chairs to find new names and seat them in Parliament or the party’s organization.

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