An exemplary transportation project in İzmir

An exemplary transportation project in İzmir

Every opportunity possible, I show “İzban,” the inner-city railway transport network in the Aegean province of İzmir as an example ... It has become one of Turkey’s most important projects.

Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım is due to arrive in İzmir for a series of grand openings.

The extension of İzban until the district of Selçuk is among these ceremonies.

With this new line, whose investment costs are above 200 million, the citizens of İzmir will be able to travel between the districts of Aliağa and Selçuk. An extension of this line further north until the district of Bergama is also planned. When it ends, you will step in Bergama and step out in Selçuk. The total length of this line will increase 138 kilometers. 

Why do I say this project is important? İzban is one of the rare projects where the central government and local authorities have taken joint action. I do not know of another similar example in Turkey. Beautiful things happen when people want. Frankly, projects are carried out faster when people value the issues above the politics.

I can already foresee the traffic in İzmir five years later. The city’s population already exceeds four million and interest in İzmir shows it will increase even more. Therefore, without losing time, the transport projects must be put into action. Today, they criticize the tramway and discuss whether it is necessary or not. These infrastructure investments are necessary for cities like İzmir and these are actually already quite late. I wish these projects were completed years ago. I also support the İzmir Bay Crossing and Access Roads Project. We need permanent and radical solutions. Access to the bay is one of them. The second belt highway is again one of the alternative solutions. The extension of the metro line, until the province of Urla, is another one. Therefore, our expectation from Prime Minister Yıldırım is that the Transport Ministry provides necessary support in regards to the extension of the metro line. Yıldırım brought forward the condition for İzmir’s public opinion to be ready regarding bay access. Of course, there are also those who criticize it and are against it, but I think public opinion in İzmir leans towards these projects.

Other good news from İzmir

Lately, basketball, volleyball and alternative sports have taken my attention over football. There is a water polo sports club in İzmir writing a success story. It is called ESTİ (Aegean Water Sports and Tennis Club).

This club, supported by only a couple of people, achieves great success each year. I do not know how many people are interested in them or are aware of them, but youth and especially young women from ESTİ have achieved championships for many years. This week is critical for them. If the senior girls from the Islands Water Sports Club (A.S.S.K.) beat Galatasaray in İzmir, they will become champions for the third time. The competitions are at the Alsancak Atatürk Swimming Pool. I wish them the championship and I hope the citizens of İzmir adequately support these successful young people.