What percentage of votes would the CHP have received from the ultranationalist?

What percentage of votes would the CHP have received from the ultranationalist?

The Republican People’s Party (CHP) is on the right track with its wish to gain votes from the conservatives, with its heading toward candidates of various ideological identities, with its prioritizing social peace, with its positive approaches to the peace process (even though they are extremely inadequate and confusing), with its standing at the freedom and democracy axis, with its abandoning of its strict secular stance and with its opening up to the right. 

This road is a brand new one for the CHP. And it should not be limited to the elections only. It should be pursued persistently and earnestly; and also with courage.

It should not be abandoned, saying, “This track did not receive enough support.”

Could the perception of the CHP of many years be changed so easily? Can the negligence of years be forgotten easily? It takes some patience. It needs to be knit one by one. It requires an epic will to struggle.  

The “ultranationalist team,” especially, which says “The CHP took this road and was beaten,” should be completely disregarded. They are enemies to the pious, to the Kurd, to freedom, to the world. If the road of the “ultranationalist” had been taken, let alone any election victory or what, it would have been inevitable to have been thrown to the trash basket of history.

Five steps to becoming a good party

The first step is a leader who is eyeful with his public speaking ability, determination, will and ability to take risks. The second step is a sound assurance that they will be more successful with the economy than the current administration. The third step is a genuine and sincere relationship, without any calculations, with religion and the pious.

The fourth step is taking radical, non-reserved and self-assured steps about peace with the Kurds. The fifth step is the flexibility to address not only one sensitivity, but all the sensitivities of the society.

A few words to those who want to leave Turkey:
-       But, you will really miss it here.
-       And look, what brother Kavafis is saying: “You cannot find a new country; you cannot find a new sea.”
-       Do you assume there will be a group of people, in the place you go, who will greet you with, “Welcome fellows, we were all expecting you?”
-       Do not forget: In those countries, there are many men and women who say, “I want to leave all of this and go.”   
-       Melih, Mansur, Şamil, cat, power lines, Ağrı, voice records, etc… Where are you going, mate? Where else will you find such fun?
-       If there is Bağcılar, there is also Kadıköy... Where to?
-       Instead of going to another country, why don’t you go to Bağcılar? You will also be able to understand what’s going on.
-       Do not forget: If you go, it will be Melih who will be the happiest.

Berkin and Pamir  

There is a categorical hate for Tayyip Erdoğan in certain segments. The Erdoğan’s polarization policies have a major effect in this manner as well.

However, this hate needs to be shed. There is not exit from it.  

Hatred grows more hatred and nothing comes out of the place where hate grows.

For instance, we can start from here: Since we have criticized Erdoğan mercilessly because he made crowds boo Berkin’s mother, then we should appreciate that he called Pamir’s father and conveyed his condolences to him; we should give him credit for that.