Nothing looks like a Hollywood script

Nothing looks like a Hollywood script

Look, Fethullah Gülen. If this were a Hollywood script, then the winners at the end of the film would definitely be the U.S. commandos, whereas at the end of this film, it was the bravest civilian commandos of the nation who put their bodies in front of tanks. 

Look, Fethullah Gülen. Watch it carefully. The Rambo in this film is in a different place. The Rambo characters of this film are the children of the nation wearing striped t-shirts who challenged the tanks on the Bosphorus Bridge. 

Look, Fethullah Gülen. If this were a Hollywood scenario, you and your lords would not have been forced to be losers like this and weaning like this. If this was a Hollywood scenario, you and your lords would be giving high fives now, intoxicated by victory. 

Look, Fethullah Gülen. If this were a Hollywood script, you would have shot at all of us with machine guns, whereas now you are begging not to be extradited to Turkey.

Look, Fethullah Gülen. If this were a Hollywood scenario, you would not have returned from Marmaris empty-handed, would not have to hide in culverts and would not take shelter in Greece with helicopters. 

Look, Fethullah Gülen. This is not a Hollywood script. This is a 100 percent local production. It has an epic story. This is the reason for your surprise, your timidity, you not knowing what to do, your tears, your fear, your end, your burned out state… all of it. 

Leave the Armenians and Jews alone 

They claim that Fethullah Gülen is an Armenian. They claim that it was Jews who were behind Fethullah Gülen. 

Those who are making these claims, I wonder if they can possibly answer these questions: Was it the Armenians who opened vacancies at government institutions to be filled by the members of the “Gülen Community?” Were they the Jews who were arm-in-arm conducting operations with Fethullah’s police and prosecutors? While Fethullah infiltrated the Army, was it the Armenians or the Jews who were fast asleep? 
By saying, “Sir, we have no fault in this. They were all done by Armenians and Jews,” you cannot cover up your carelessness, your mistakes and how you were deceived. 

Why did Meral Akşener lose? 

I never believed the accusations that Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) deputy Meral Akşener was a member of the “Fethullah Gülen Community.” These claims are not the reason Akşener lost ground. If Akşener had grabbed a flag and taken to the streets on the night of July 15, or the morning of July 16, or even the day of July 17, she would be in a very different spot today. 

This is how fate functions: You either succeed, becoming one of the leading actors at the moment when history is rewritten, or you are bound to become a withered rose in a forgotten garden. 

‘Insidious design of 40 years’

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan summarized very well what happened. He said, “We levelled to the ground in 20 hours the 40-year old insidious calculation.” This is the most correct diagnosis for the Fethullah Gülen incident: “Insidious design of 40 years.”