No conservative can ever challenge Erdoğan

No conservative can ever challenge Erdoğan

PM Recep Tayyip Erdoğan can never face any kind of candidate in the conservative camps because he is some kind of a “terminator.” Erdoğan cuts to pieces, minces and chops anybody who opposes him, who raises his head just a little bit, or whoever becomes a candidate.

Erdoğan steps in like a high explosive bomb against whoever raises his head a bit in the conservative segment; he draws his sword; finishes the job.

Just think: A personality, who has been respected as a community leader and a religious scholar for years, is now, as a result of Erdoğan’s propaganda, regarded as an “Israeli agent” in conservative segment.

Erdoğan is a person who is able to convince people of this.

Just think: A very respected name among the conservative segment who was nominated by Erdoğan and his friends to head one of the most important international organizations, just because he became a presidential candidate, can be accused by Erdoğan of “not being the son of these lands…”

You know what, even if Mehmet the Conqueror rose from his grave and became an opponent to Erdoğan, you would start pitying him!

Because Erdoğan will immediately attack and say this:

“Do not boast too much because you moved ships over land. We have been able to move trains, repeat, trains, under the sea,” he would cry. He would reiterate a thousand times, “You first settle the account of your brother; you are the person who has left poor Cem Sultan to the mercy of foreigners.”

He would start an argument: “You had your portrait painted by Italian artists. Could you not find a Turkish artist to do the job, the general manager of the silver throne?”

He would shout, “You are boasting that you conquered Istanbul, but Byzantium was already collapsing; you did not fire even one cannon ball, not one.”

On top of all this, he would operate the heavy propaganda machine; sidekicks in the media would be mobilized. There would be headlines in papers and columns written. And at the end of the day, Sultan Mehmet would leave the land in a knocked-out state.

Some are asking me, “What will Abdullah Gül do? Could there be a movement within the party? Will there be a new conservative party formed?”

I answer: As long as Erdoğan has the potential that does not stop short of converting the most respectable conservative personality into a nobody who cannot face the crowds in a time span of three days, no person in the conservative segment would not even attempt to raise his head.

Police and the community

What did the “Gülen Community” say up until this day? They were saying this: “If there is a criminal, bring him before justice. Do not blame the community.” 

The government, based on a claim, has detained some police chiefs and brought them before justice.
We turn our eyes on the community and this is what they say: “These people have not sinned, they are guiltless; they are innocent.”

If they could only but only say: “These people should have a fair trial. These people should not be pronounced guilty in advance. These people should not be subject to torture and maltreatment,” then there would be no problem. However, alongside all of this, they also say, “These people have not committed one single crime.”

I am also sure, as I am sure of my name, that these police chiefs will not have a fair trial in the justice system founded by this government. Nevertheless, the fact that I believe in this does not make me believe that these police chiefs are “the most innocent people on earth.”