Who is using Sedat Peker?

Who is using Sedat Peker?

When I first reached Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu, he said: “I was in Idlib. That’s why we had difficulty contacting each other. I landed now.”

Soylu had released a statement in response to organized crime ring leader Sedat Peker’s claims. But Soylu’s statement can also be considered as a challenge, rather than just a statement.

Soylu, who filed a criminal complaint against Peker, said: “If you had contact with me in any part of your life, and if it can be proved, then I am ready to face any kind of penalty and humiliation before the eyes of our noble people, including execution.”

Scenarios from the ‘90s

When we met with Soylu at the beginning of the week, we talked about the desire of some circles to return the country to its state in the 90s through Peker’s tapes. If you remember, back then politics was being built over the tapes of Alaattin Çakıcı and Korkmaz Yiğit.

In the ‘90s, a Commission to Investigate Gangs was established in the parliament. Some 33 different gang-like organized crime groups were detected in the southeastern province of Hakkari alone.

Under the rule of the Justice and Development Party (AK Party), Turkey was cleared of gangs. Soylu gave a courageous struggle not only against the PKK but also against the gangs.

The forces who took Peker abroad want to change the climate by making him talk.

Chaos plan

In my opinion, these forces do not want to leave the established order to chance while the country is heading to the 2023 elections and that they have started to act in different ways to remove Erdoğan.

After Biden

They activated the 2023 plan after Joe Biden won the election in the United States.
What did Biden say? He said that they would replace Erdoğan with the election - not through a coup - and for this, they would support the opposition.

In fact, Biden made a confession but missed something. They also tried to topple him through a coup, but they were not successful. During the July 15, 2016 coup attempt, Biden was the vice president of the U.S. He said they thought the coup attempt was a video game.

Their guides are Cem Uzan, Peker

Now, they have two guides. One is Cem Uzan, and the other is Sedat Peker.

Designing CHP, MHP over tapes

They used this method in the past as well. They discharged Deniz Baykal, the former head of the Republican People’s Party (CHP), through a tape.

Those who designed the chairperson post of the CHP targeted the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP). They also tried to seize the MHP over tapes. And during the ‘90s, they overthrow the government over the tape of Yiğit and Çakıcı.

Cem Uzan

The source of the claim on the whereabouts of $128 billion turned out to be Uzan, who swindled Turkey by sinking billions of dollars from Emlak Bank and Adabank and fled to France with the help of the mob after making thousands of people suffer.

Who is protecting Peker, who is making him talk?

Peker has everything that comes to mind when one thinks about mobs. Are we going to accept the claims of a mob boss as true and blame those who fight the mob?

Peker cannot be there through his own means, not even one day. He cannot hold on. More importantly, Peker cannot open this war to the government in his own name. He is protected with the support of an intelligence organization there and speaks in line with the plans of an intelligence organization.

Shouldn’t it be the Crown Prince of the United Arab Emirates, who was waiting for Erdoğan’s fall during the night of July 15, 2016, protecting and making Peker talk there?

What needs to be done is that Peker should get kicked to the curb and brought to Turkey, and the account for this should be asked at the judiciary, while the AK Party should take the new tape process initiated with Peker seriously.